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Take a Breath: Calming Police PTSD Support Video | OdysseyAuthor

PLEASE READ! I’m begging you if you are struggling, take a breath. Slow down… You may have just awakened from a nightmare… Or a flashback… But take a breath… I care about you and each and every police officer in the world. Yes, you! I’m talking to YOU! I care about your well-being and peace… Read More »

EP. 11: Abuse, Complex PTSD, Nasty Snacks, and Social Equity Hot Take

TRIGGER WARNING: Host Omari Jalan and guest Mark (Writer, Entrepreneur, and creator of now defunct website “Officer Downey”) have a brutally honest conversation about Mark’s abusive youth at the hands of his step-father, who was also a cop. Mark touches on how cannabis helped him endure his suffering and later helped him cope with Complex… Read More »

Trust Your Gut: Victimized, not Victim (Interview with Caroline Strawson)

You had been VICTIMIZED, you are not A VICTIM. Trust your intuition, it will never guide you astray. Work on your issues. Get the abuser out of your mind, not only out of your life. Caroline Strawson’s YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjcWydDGQLbRM_gGIM20w1Q Find and Buy MOST of my BOOKS and eBOOKS in my Amazon Store: https://www.amazon.com/stores/page/60F8EC8A-5812-4007-9F2C-DFA02EA713B3 Source: Youtube


SEEKING the wanderlust of nomadic off-grid life in a car, van or SUV… TODAY’S video covers ongoing SUV DIY–the removal of rear seating and hardware–floorplan ideas to convert into a home on wheels. ALSO–boondocking and stealth camp APP, cold weather sleeping in an SUV, swearing, rage, anger and how to live a better life. THIS… Read More »

420 is a place where PTSD goes to chill.

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Wounded Heroes Documentary Trailer

https://www.WoundedHeroesDocumentary.com​ – Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS) among our veterans is a serious problem with over 20 veterans a day taking their lives by suicide. And just like veterans; firefighters, police officers, and other first responders not only deal with PTS, but they also have very high suicide rates. Most are given prescription drugs but as many… Read More »

"The Mother of All Battles" Fitness & family are part of the healing of PTSD

This week we are joined by Helen Barnett, a former Police Officer who was the first mother to serve in SO19 Armed Response Unit of the Metropolitan Police. During the course of her career, she was stabbed, caught up in 2 IRA explosions and also shot. She was awarded The Queens Commendation for Brave Conduct… Read More »

PTSD and filming. How does that work for you?

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Acupuncture and PTSD | Hellraiser | Anxiety | PTSD Awareness | Firefighter

Doing a follow up video with Dr. Eaton about Acupuncture and how it can help with anxiety and PTSD as well as many other ailments. I hope all this info is helpful in seeking relief and help with mental as well as physical wellness. Dr. Eaton’s Social media links: Homepage https://www.facebook.com/DrEatonDC In January of 2020… Read More »

AFBP: Jacob from Season 6, PTSD among Law Enforcement, fighting mental illness

This week, we interview Jacob from season six of 60 Days In. Many of you will remember him as the participant that quit at intake. His story is amazing and after watching this interview, I believe your perceptions will change on him and who he is. Such a heartwarming interview and all-around good guy. Jacob’s… Read More »

Jim is BACK from Injured Reserve | 9 hole Match Play | PTSD awareness | Firefighter | Golf Vlog

Glad to have Jim back on the golf course from a 3 month layoff from his injury. We played the front 9 for him to warm up before we decided to film a 9 hole match on the Back 9 at Falcon Lakes. Hope you Enjoy! In January of 2020 I decided to start a… Read More »

Kansas City Kansas Fire Department Peer Support | Real Talk with Mallory Super | PTSD Awareness

I had a sit down talk with Mallory Super about the KCKFD Peer Support team. Sharing both of our mission statements as well as general talk about the role of the Peer Support program. In January of 2020 I decided to start a YouTube channel. My mission is to help bring awareness to firefighter issues… Read More »