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Personal & Workplace Trauma Release Exercises with Martez Schembri-Diskey (Ep.11 Video Version)

Martez Schembri-Diskey is a is a Globally Certified Traumatic Stress Informed Educator, Author, Massage & Craniosacral Therapist and Owner at Hands-On Health Care in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. She has been a Registered Massage Therapist for over 28 years owning her craft in helping others deal with their trauma. Whether if it occurred in their workplace… Read More »

Officer PTSD. Carolina Impact: October 12, 2021

Many protesters and police officers are dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder following last year’s Summer protests. But what is PTSD and how do you know if you’re experiencing it? Support us now at: https://www.wtvi.org/support/ Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE for weekly videos: http://bit.ly/WTVI-YouTube **More info & videos below** For full episodes, check out of our local… Read More »

4 Things to help with PTSD Nightmares and flashbacks.

4 Things to help with PTSD Nightmares and flashbacks. — If you are interested in recovery coaching please visit our website and fill out the form – first session is FREE. We would love to have a chat. — Melissa and I talk extensively in “#dealwithit – living well with PTSD” about how we cope… Read More »


PTSD Recovery Coaching — If you are interested in recovery coaching please visit our website and fill out the form – FIRST SESSION IS FREE. We would love to have a chat. — I spent the first 20 years of my career doing training and coaching. When I add recall of what happened to me… Read More »


PTSD Does Not Equal Postal Going postal is an American English slang phrase referring to becoming extremely and uncontrollably angry, often to the point of violence, and usually in a workplace environment. The expression derives from a series of incidents from 1986 onward in which United States Postal Service (USPS) workers shot and killed managers,… Read More »

Healing the Heroes of 9-11: The Way Forward

Brought to you by 22Zero.org, “Healing the Heroes of 9-11: The Way Forward” features five 1st Responders as they discuss their experiences at Ground Zero in New York and the Pentagon in Washington DC on 9-11-01. Produced by Gier Productions, LLC and directed by Michael Gier, an award-winning director/producer, “Healing the Heroes of 9-11” features… Read More »


Do Not Become His PTSD Caregiver When your wife becomes your ‘caregiver,’ the natural order of marriage is destroyed. If a woman acts like your mother, it is impossible to be intimate with her. Yes, there are times that Melissa, ‘cares’ for me and steps in and helps me in a difficult time. Never once… Read More »


I think the bigger question is, what is normal and normal for whom? Is it normal to stay up late night watching Netflix, or is it normal getting up at 4 to head to the gym, so you feel good about yourself? Is it normal to have 4 or 5 drinks 3 days a week… Read More »

Former Marine Suspected In Florida Shooting Deaths Of Mother Baby And

A judge ruled that Bryan Riley, the 33-year-old former Marine sharpshooter Florida police say shot and killed a mother, her three-month-old baby, and two others in Florida over the weekend, will be held in custody without bail. Authorities say Riley served four years in the Marines and did tours of Iraq and Afghanistan before being… Read More »

Florida shooting ex US marine suspected of killing four including a baby

A former US marine has shot and killed four people in Florida, including a woman and her three-month-old baby boy in her arms, before surrendering, acccording to police. The shooter, alleged by police to be Bryan Riley, 33, a former US marine, also allegedly wounded an 11-year-old girl in a shootout in Lakeland near Tampa… Read More »

What is the difference between CPTSD and PTSD?

What is the difference between #CPTSD and #PTSD? It is not as complicated as people make out. I talk about how to live and thrive with them in my book #dealwithit- living well with PTSD. If you or someone you love in has PTSD or CPTSD, then use the code ‘s2s’ to get them a… Read More »

Breaking the Mold of Traditional Therapy Models for PTS(d) With Heroes on the Water

Recreation therapy models are shown to assist those with post-traumatic stress when the “couch” either doesn’t work or is not enough. Our guests from Heroes on the Water have created a fun and innovative way for veterans and first responders to heal. Hear Lt. Mike Libertini’s stories, how Heroes on the Water impacted his healing… Read More »

YOUTUBE Golfer vs. YOUTUBE Golfer | 6 Hole Match Play | Firefighter | PTSD Awareness

Jeff from Heartland Golf drove down from Omaha to collaborate with me. It was a fun match with Jeff and I hope you enjoy. Make sure you watch the 3 man scramble coming on both of our channels. 4 holes on my channel and 5 on Heartland Golf. Enjoy! In January of 2020 I decided… Read More »