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Mental Health Clinic Calls Police On PTSD Survivor For NOT Recording NO ARREST QuietBoyMusik

Mental Health Clinic Calls Police On PTSD Survivor For NOT Recording NO ARREST QuietBoyMusik I have an anxiety attack in the hospital @13:32 My YouTube Live video after police are called @16:35 My YouTube Live video comes back again @39:00 Slavery/African American history @1:03:55 I reach hospital police/security @1:09:5 *I’m so traumatized by this. Source:… Read More »

Video shows cops shooting dead woman who was stabbing her therapist

Bodycam video shows terrifying moment two #police officers shoot dead a #woman who was stabbing her therapist Katherine Brazeau, 46, was shot dead by two Fullerton Police officers in Los Angeles on May 31 last year She was captured on surveillance video walking into her therapist Jacki Stevens’ office armed with a huge hunting knife… Read More »

Woman Shot While Stabbing Her Therapist (Katherine Brazeau) | Body Cam | United States | 20180531

Compilation of CCTV surveillance and body camera footage of the fatal Officer involved shooting of Katherine Ann Brazeau. (Ms. Panda’s Den did not edit out any parts of the video.) (A link to the complete OCDA Report can be found below.) Location: Fullerton, Orange County, California, United States Date: May 31, 2018 Orange County District… Read More »

Officer Survival Tip of the Week – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Preventer: Officer Training Video:

This officer training video provides insights on what can be done to prevent post traumatic stress disorder. Make sure to check out http://www.officer.com, the website for police. Police Forums – http://forums.officer.com/ Firearms – http://www.officer.com/firearms Tactical – http://www.officer.com/tactical Police Training & Careers – http://www.officer.com/training-careers On the Street – http://www.officer.com/on-the-street Technology – http://www.officer.com/technology Investigations – http://www.officer.com/investigations Command/Headquarters… Read More »

Living With PTSD | Bell Let’s Talk Day | January 30, 2019

January 30th 2019 is Bell Let’s Talk day where we discuss mental health awareness. I dig in living with PTSD, how it happens, what it’s like to deal with it everyday, medication and going forward. Trauma in the workplace is real and it can happen to anyone, friends, family and yourself. It’s real and it… Read More »

Signs and Symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition triggered by experiencing or witnessing a traumatic event. First responders, such as police, firefighters and paramedics, are at least twice as likely as the general population to suffer from PTSD. #LetsTalk Source: Youtube

WHAT IS PTSD? | Bell Let’s Talk | Episode 1

With Bell Let’s Talk coming up here on January 30th I wanted to take the time and discuss a mental illness that focuses on our uniformed front line Officers, EMS, Fire Fighters, Nurses and Correction Officers. These people deal with trauma during their careers non stop and most never deal with until they are fully… Read More »