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Aman – Learning to Manage PTSD (exposure)

Aman was in a car accident and has been avoiding learning to drive a car because he’s afraid he’ll be in another accident. Hear more about Aman’s story. http://youth.anxietybc.com/types-anxiety-problems-1?x=3 See Aman’s fear ladder: http://youth.anxietybc.com/amans-fear-ladder Aman is also afraid to go near the scene of his accident. He can build another fear ladder to help him… Read More »

I have PTSD

I’m very sorry about the lighting and quality of this video. I am still learning how to do the “sit down” videos. Anyways, I wanted open up an share a bit of what’s been happening in my life for the past 5 years or so. It’s been a long journey, but I am healing and… Read More »

My EURO TRIP saved my LIFE! Working through the struggles of PTSD

Overcoming the struggles of PTSD through travel. Finding happiness in life once again and gaining self worth along the way. Travel saved my life! Thank you FACEBOOK for reminding me how far I’ve really came! Three years and 26 countries under my belt! I am empowered. Source: Youtube

Interview with Ronald – a Homeless Vietnam Veteran with PTSD

I interviewed Ronald Frankford in front of the New Orleans Mission shelter on April 7, 2010. Ronald was wounded in Vietnam in 1969 and won several medals for his service. He has since suffered from Posttramatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and had been homeless for the past 12 years. He shared some of his story with… Read More »

War Veterans With PTSD Find Relief With Cannabis | Smoke Sessions

We sit down with 3 veterans to smoke, talk weed and how they cope with PTSD by smoking cannabis. DON’T BE LEFT IN THE.. UM.. SMOKE. JOIN US! Subscribe for more HERB! http://youtube.com/herbvideo For more , visit Herb.co: http://herb.co Follow HERB on Instagram: https://instagram.com/herb Facebook: https://facebook.com/TheStonersCookbook Twitter: https://twitter.com/herbworthy Source: Youtube


www.repentancerevival.com Traumatic events in a person’s past can result in demonic torment long after the incident has passed. Trauma opens the door to demons of fear who leave the door open to many others. Source: Youtube

Diane has PTSD

Bojack Horseman is a Tv show about a Half man half horse washed up sitcom actor. I talk about one of the other character Diane Nguyen and how she is living with what I think is PTSD – Post traumatic stress disorder. Disclaimer I’m not an expect in mental health and this is just my… Read More »