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Meet Ericka with Bipolar and Sander the Psychiatric Service Dog

Bipolar disorder, also known as manic depression, is a mental illness that brings severe high and low moods and changes in sleep, energy, thinking, and behavior. People who have bipolar disorder can have periods in which they feel overly happy and energized and other periods of feeling very sad, hopeless, and sluggish. In between those… Read More »

Puncture Wounds (2014) Movie Review

Worth a watch just to see Dolph in a pretty different role…a racist Aryan Brotherhood rapist. And Vinnie Jones actually isn’t THAT bad in the flick, and the usage of his character was a bit different than usual. But it’s too bad that it stars the ‘CharismaLess-Void’ which is Cung Le. Puncture Wounds (produced and… Read More »