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Containment: Beginning Trauma-Focused Therapy for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Mindful Psychotherapy Services Director of Education and Training, Bryan Aston explains the essentials of working with post traumatic stress disorder. Mindful will be offering a series of continuing education courses in Spring 2019 to licensed social workers and helping professionals working with trauma interested in learning more about PTSD. This video may also be helpful… Read More »

PTSD Vietnam War Depression lifted, and I’m back outdoors again :)

You can smell the beautiful fall smell, which I assume comes from the decaying leaves as they die and fall off the trees. I’ve asked RED dog about this, but he refuses to comment, other than his nose is probably 100 times more sensitive than mine, and he looks at me with pity as my… Read More »

Treating Complex Trauma: A Blueprint for Rethinking PTSD with Mary Jo Barrett

http://www.nicabm.com/treating-trauma/?del=youtube Mary Jo Barrett shares her expertise on PTSD and treating complex trauma in our latest interview as part of NICABM’s treating trauma teleseminar series. Complex trauma can be devastating for people of all ages. Learn how Mary Jo Barrett treats PTSD and complex trauma. Visit http://www.nicabm.com/treating-trauma/?del=youtube for more information Source: Youtube

Mental Health Channels You Should Follow (+ Surgery Update!)

***THIS VIDEO WAS RECORDED PREVIOUS TO MY DECISION TO AMPUTATE*** Explanation Video Here! I am still currently in surgery – but it is no longer being replaced, I am having a below the knee amputation. I just wanted to clear up any confusion, due to previous videos! When I started Trauma Talk, I naively thought… Read More »