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Insurgency Sandstorm Ptsd Simulator

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TV, Dogs and Pancakes… CRPS, FND, PTSD and a Hungarian Vizsla| Warrior Princess

This video is about TV, Dogs and Pancakes… | Warrior Princess #WarriorPrincess Hi Warriors and welcome to my channel. A little insight into what it’s like to be a CRPS, FND and PTSD warrior. After yet another week in hospital, I have decided that this week’s vlog will share some of my highlights from this… Read More »

The little-known causes and physical side effects of PTSD | Author Yochi Dreazen

Yochi Dreazen, author and award-winning journalist, provides a glimpse into the history of PTSD and elaborates on both the surprising sources and the physical side effects that have only recently been recognized as associated with the condition. Learn more about Yochi’s research and his in-depth story of one family determined to make a difference in… Read More »

PTSD Karaoke – Bad -Acoustic Cover

I found myself really triggered today by some troubling events. As part of my PTSD EMDR therapy, I’ve been instructed to sing by my therapist. Today, I’m singing Bad by Michael Jackson. It’s an acoustic cover made popular by Billie English. The karaoke track is by the ComboJam channel on YouTube. Source: Youtube

I24News – Etgarim "The Boat is Sailing" Project for PTSD treatment

Etgarim’s “The Boat is Sailing” Project is a unique program for people with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The project uses the unique characteristics of sailing as a rehabilitative and therapeutic tool to enable the participants to deal with varying symptoms of the disorder. Source: Youtube

Surf Dog Ricochet Docu-Series: Alerting to PTSD symptoms

This video is part of Surf Dog Ricochet’s Docu-series and includes footage of her cognition, emotion, judgement, intuition, responsibility, empathy, mirroring and more. For additional information, go to http://www.surfdogricochet.com Source: Youtube

Ricochet & Randy PTSD Battle Buddy Initiative

In the military, a battle buddy is your battlefield partner with whom you accomplish a common mission. Battle buddies are always ready to assist one another. Surf dog Ricochet’s battle buddy is Staff Sergeant Randy Dexter. Together, they have a mission to raise awareness, remove the stigma and provide help to those suffering with Post… Read More »