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Did the Narcissist ever love me? – Do narcissist truly know how to love.

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Are You Suffering From Depression? Get Guidance From Brian Mahan, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner

Hey! This is Brian D. Mahan, I am a developmental trauma Survivor and have faced many bad panic attacks and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. I have studied the biology and physiology of stress, anxiety, and trauma since 2004 and has helped many people break free from traumatic stress disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, developmental trauma disorder events… Read More »

Podcast: Drug policy, Australian megafires and London fatbergs

In this edition: We discuss whether drug policy is working, why Australia is experiencing megafires, and what can be done about fatbergs. News: Miscarriage and PTSD, and a remarkable refugee professor – We find out how many women experience post-traumatic stress disorder after miscarriage, and learn about the remarkable life of a venerable maths professor.… Read More »

Treating Individuals with Mild Post-traumatic Distress Symptoms

Speaker: Prof. Catherine So-kum Tang (Professor of Department of Psychology, Faculty of Arts and Social Science, National University of Singapore) Date: 11 January 2019 (Friday) Time: 7:00pm – 9:00pm Venue: RLB 303, Research Complex, HKSYU Language: English Summary: There is increasingly high worldwide incidence of crimes/violence, accidents, natural and human-made disasters, wars, and terrorism. Current… Read More »

Sneaky Assassin Teemo Gives Ryze MAIN Crippling PTSD! XD Teemo vs Ryze S10 Ranked Commentary

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PTSD | Kyle & Jeremy | SaniTEA Season 1: Episode 3 | Mental Health Podcast

See how therapy can help you today!: https://betterhelp.com/sanitea SaniTEA Season 1 Episode 3 SaniTEA is a brand new mental health podcast hosted by two of Youtube’s popular DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) Systems; DissociaDID and Team Piñata! Don’t forget to tweet us at Sanitea Podcast with your weekly good news, and you could be featured in… Read More »

Snow Storm Push ups for PTSD | EP. Day 1225

Day 1225/6901. Push ups for Veterans suffering from PTSD, 22 of whom commit suicide daily. I am a serving member of the Royal Canadian Air Force and am pledging to do a set of push-ups to my maximum each day until the end of my contract in 2035. Please like and share to spread awareness.… Read More »