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Chewie The PTSD Dog

Achoo is Chewie and I explain why we decided to do a Chewie Channel and how the little ball of fluff helped enrich my life in so many ways. I’m “Mom”. Who knew such a funny little Shih-Tzu would win over so many hearts. Watch and learn why Chewie has so many fans! Don’t forget… Read More »

Bulletproof Spirit

The burden of dealing with tragedies associated with the day-to-day duties of police officers, coroners, and medicolegal death investigators, often remains unspoken and follows the officers into their off-duty and personal lives. Failure to recognize and provide an acceptable outlet for the disappointment and frustration felt by officers and investigators at the end of their… Read More »

You Might Be With A Narcissistic Abuser. Find Out The Signs! From An Ex Jehovah's Witness Part 1

In the Jehovah’s Witness Religion we have an epidemic of abusive husbands and leaders within the religion. Also just in the world in general many people find themselves dating an abusive manipulative controlling person. I talk about some of the signs or red flags that will help you determine if you may be getting involved… Read More »

twilight protest

twilight forced infant genital mutilation Crisis protest Anatomy Anatomy of the Penis: Penile and Foreskin Neurology Study of penile sensitivity Sorrells fine touch sensitivity http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/17378847/ Video on the functions of the Foreskin History A Historical and Medical Critique of Circumcision – Dr. Christopher Guest The history of Medicalization of Circumcision Effects on Partners Very Educational… Read More »

What Sleep Deprivation Effects PART#1 | Doctor Vero

What Sleep Deprivation PART#1 | Doctor Vero I’ll talk about the task of diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, and neurological affects of sleep deprivation. Stay tuned to part 2, where I’ll discuss beauty sleep, muscle degradation, and the effects of sleep deprivation on ADD/ADHD. What Sleep Deprivation The Thing About Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: https://youtu.be/rkN22qyqX4s Top… Read More »

CPTSD: Can't Get Anything Done? How to Get Rid of Brain Fog with Your Smartphone!

Can’t Get Anything Done? How to Get Rid of Brain Fog with Your Smartphone! (Narcissistic Relationship Recovery Tips) – Get your free copy of CodyCross Here: https://go.onelink.me/JHRu/CodyCrossAngieAtkinsonyoutube 7 Ways Your Smartphone Can Help You Get Rid of Brain Fog (How to Get Rid of Brain Fog) My Pillow: https://amzn.to/2VfhISm My Weighted Blanket: https://amzn.to/2oPAq6Z My Fitbit:… Read More »

Day 1125 of 6901 for Suicide Awareness (Happy Friday, Have a great Weekend!)

Day 1125/6901. Push ups for Veterans suffering from PTSD, 22 of whom commit suicide daily. I am a serving member of the Royal Canadian Air Force and am pledging to do a set of push-ups to my maximum each day until the end of my contract in 2035. Please like and share to spread awareness.… Read More »


“VETERANS-UK [XARMY] Battalion” “BRIT-CRUSADER” is a War Gaming channel dedicated to Military Veterans who enjoy playing the PC Game ARMORED WARFARE. This online multi-player modern tank game has over 200 vehicles to research, upgrade and then deploy on operations in realistic battlefield environments. Every single penny earnt from this You Tube Channel will be directly… Read More »