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PTSD: Troubleshooting from Inside a Broken System

That PTSD has a very real spiritual component. That the only way to troubleshoot a Broken System effectively is to approach it externally, or, to put it another way, to find a way to examine it from either a) an external operating system or b) a partition with enough memory to “dual boot” from that… Read More »

Mending ego states (C-PTSD/DPDR/BPD)

The drama triangle, and how it plays out in everyday social interactions/relationships. There is a range of severity of how we dissociate from the spectrum of dissociation, from depersonalization disorder, to complex ptsd (which may be intertwined) Borderline personality disorder, and dissociative identity disorder. Whats important is to become aware of our ego splits and… Read More »

Peter Levine on How Trauma Hijacks a Client’s Memory

In How Trauma Hijacks a Client’s Memory, Peter Levine PhD looks at 3 ways a traumatic experience can alter a person’s memory. Peter is is the developer of Somatic Experiencing, and is one of the world’s leading experts on treating trauma and PTSD. Here, he details what can happen to the hippocampus when a person… Read More »

C-PTSD Triggers & Flashbacks #complexptsd #ptsd

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