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Workin’ On – Colt Ford Fans Share Their PTSD Story

Workin’ On helps raise awareness for PTSD. Colt Ford’s fans have been telling their stories from all across America when they heard the song, share their experiences here. Get the single here: http://smarturl.it/WorkinOnSingle 20% of all soldiers deployed within the last six years have been diagnosed with PTSD. Learn more about the Lone Survivor Foundation… Read More »

United by Trauma with PTSD Survivor Gary Rubie

Gary worked as a police officer in Ontario, Canada and experienced PTSD. We are so thankful that Gary was kind and courageous enough to share his story, his hope, and his sucess in his battle through this injury. Whether you’re a cop, medic, military, firefighter, emergerncy medical staff, we are truly United by Trauma. Source:… Read More »

Honoring Son Lost to PTSD Suicide, Marine’s Mom Finds Her Purpose

One shot in the head. After two tours in Iraq, it took only one bullet to end a proud Marine’s life and to break a mother’s heart. CBS 2’s Brad Edwards reports. Official Site: http://chicago.cbslocal.com/ YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/CBSChicago Twitter: https://twitter.com/CBSchicago Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cbschicago Source: Youtube


Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, is a debilitating mental disorder that can occur after a terrifying event. It was first brought to attention by returning war veterans, many of whom had been wounded in battle. Zachary Bell, former U.S. Marine, shares his story of horror in Afghanistan and his battle to regain his mental health… Read More »

Sleeping with PTSD

Robert S. Brown Sr. MD, PhD. Staff Psychiatrist, Department of Behavioral Health, Kenner Army Health Clinic, Fort Lee, Virginia. Sleep is an act of trust. PTSD robs Soldiers of trust. This video identifies steps to lessen nightmares, advocates the use of Dream Journals, and looks at ways to improve sleep for Soldiers with PTSD. Source:… Read More »

PTSD and Transcendental Meditation: Iowa Veterans Summit

http://tm.org “Our nation’s heroes deserve to live happy lives after serving their country. Unfortunately, many of them are not…they can’t find peace. But we can help.” Veterans and military leaders gather to discuss the difference the TM® technique can make for veterans with PTSD and active soldiers. To learn more about the Transcendental Meditation® technique… Read More »

PTSD After Cancer

In this powerful video, I have a discussion with my stepdaughter Rayna Macias to discuss PTSD after Cancer.Rayna is in college Working towards her masters in social services and psychology. PTSD is a very real issue with cancer survivors. And it’s important to discuss mental health issues to bring awareness to an ever increasing battle.… Read More »

How PTSD Might Affect Physical Health

dailyRx.com Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental disorder, but it may also have an effect on physical health. A new study found that PTSD patients may be at high risk for premature aging and for medical conditions tied to old age. PTSD is a mental disorder often triggered by a life-threatening or disturbing experience.… Read More »