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Explaining and Treating PTSD Video

See the full video at: http://www.psychotherapy.net/video/explaining-PTSD In this video, PTSD experts give new and experienced therapists insightful suggestions about how to explain the disorder to clients, which is the first essential step of treating PTSD. Source: Youtube

Part of Me (PTSD)

This song is dedicated to all the Veterans Worldwide who are suffering from PTSD. You all deserve a big RESPECT for your actions in all the different wars you were sent to by your government. No one will know or understand how you really feel except your Brothers and Sisters In Arms. Not all wounds… Read More »

Officer Survival Tip of the Week – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Preventer: Officer Training Video:

This officer training video provides insights on what can be done to prevent post traumatic stress disorder. Make sure to check out http://www.officer.com, the website for police. Police Forums – http://forums.officer.com/ Firearms – http://www.officer.com/firearms Tactical – http://www.officer.com/tactical Police Training & Careers – http://www.officer.com/training-careers On the Street – http://www.officer.com/on-the-street Technology – http://www.officer.com/technology Investigations – http://www.officer.com/investigations Command/Headquarters… Read More »

Can Twitter cause PTSD?

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Cure PTSD with marijuana | my complete guide

Post-traumatic stress disorder is an anxiety condition caused by a traumatic experience like military combat. In many states with medical marijuana, PTSD is one of the qualifying conditions. Here’s everything you need to know about PTSD and cannabis. Source: Youtube

Transcending PTSD: Increasing Resiliency with Transcendental Meditation

http://tm.org The TM® technique can not only reduce symptoms of PTSD by 40% to 55%*, it can help stop them from happening in the first place. Protect those who protected us by spreading the word. For more information and to find out how you can learn the Transcendental Meditation® technique, visit http://TM.org or call 1-888-532-7686… Read More »

How to Deal with PTSD Flashbacks

Do you know how to deal with PTSD flashbacks? Watch as I share 3 easy-to-use coping skills for dealing with PTSD flashbacks. — Fighting Flashbacks: Coping Skills for the Symptoms of PTSD: http://tinyurl.com/o4qh8x7 Trauma! A PTSD Blog – http://ow.ly/NcYo9 Understanding Combat PTSD Blog – http://ow.ly/NcYrX In-depth PTSD Articles –  http://ow.ly/NcYzC — Get Trusted Mental Health… Read More »