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Cold showers, fasting and fresh fruit heal anxiety, depression, PTSD and stress!!!!!

Cold showers are a form of shock therapy that is very beneficial to our bodies. Cold showers boost our immune system function by increasing the production of white blood cells, and assisting the lymphatic system with eliminating waste in the cells. Cold showers also activate antidepressant hormones by producing higher levels of endorphins, which add… Read More »

Jennifer's Resilience Poem (without captions) | Bounce Back Generation

Jennifer Dhillon, founder of Bounce Back Generation, shares a poem she wrote in solidarity with anyone who has lived through trauma. ⚡️ Who Are We? ⚡️ ——————————————- Bounce Back Generation’s mission is to help individuals, families, organizations and systems bounce back from toxic stress and trauma by building and sharing practical tools for resilience. In… Read More »

Best Meditation music for stress relief| beautiful Stress relief music for mind refresh

Just as fast, upbeat music may provide a burst of energy while exercising, slower music has been shown to be more relaxing. Classical music, in particular, can help slow the pulse and heart rate, as well as decrease levels of stress hormones. Insomnia has many possible causes, including stress, anxiety, depression, poor sleep habits, circadian… Read More »