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Healing Sexual Trauma – Tantra and the Milk Maiden ~ Sexywellness Stories

Discovering Tantra Massage as a potential aid in healing survivors of sexual trauma – A true short story told by Jazmin Light – creator of Sexy Wellness Touch for Joy Massage courses for couples. Listed at the end of the video (and here) are various healthy Body oriented methodologies as possible aids in helping to… Read More »

Radio host Iain Lee keeps suicidal caller on the phone until ambulance arrives

Please subscribe my channel !!! Help me 100K subscribe. Thanks for watching ! #Radio #host #Iain #Lee #keeps #suicidal #caller #on #the #phone #until #ambulance #arrives Radio host Iain Lee keeps suicidal caller on the phone until ambulance arrives Radio host Iain Lee has been credited with helping save a man’s life after keeping a… Read More »

PTSD (Combat/Non Combat/Sexual Harassment)

HIT the LIKE button and Subscribe guys. So there is this stigma that some try to stay away from this diagnosis and others are scared of seeking help. There’s ways to be treated for this diagnosis or if a buddy needs it help them. Whether it is PTSD (Combat or non-combat) or even stateside. Seek… Read More »

Leave No Trace – Script to Screen

(Visit: http://www.uctv.tv/) In this Q&A conversation Debra Granik, director and co-writer of Leave No Trace (2018), is joined by moderator and Pollock Theater Director Matt Ryan. The event is part of the Carsey-Wolf Centers Script to Screen series and covers the development of the film and its adaptation from Mindy Mejias novel of the same… Read More »

Start the Conversation

A 2018 study concluded that more law enforcement officers and firefighters died by suicide in 2017 than all line-of-duty deaths combined. That same study found that public safety personnel are five times more likely to suffer symptoms of PTSD and depression than their civilian counterparts. GPSTC wants to help eliminate the stigma associated with mental… Read More »

Secondary Traumatic Stress: Building Resilience for Professionals

Increasingly social workers, school educators, mental health, and human service professionals are working with clients who have experienced complex trauma. Linda Gensheimer, PhD and Cynthia Packer, LISCW discus how this challenging work can result in secondary trauma or compassion fatigue that not only affects individual staff but also administrators, supervisors, and the organization as a… Read More »