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Meghan Markle Royal – Voice of the People: PTSD battle boosted by new royals

The royal family is changing for the better.  Generations of the stiff-upper lip are starting to give way to a much more accessible approach.  And their cold front is finally starting to thaw. It’s a welcome change.  No-one exemplifies the fresh approach more than Prince Harry.  The young royal has been a shining example of… Read More »

Visage pt4: Birdcage PTSD

The birdcages… THE BIRDCAGES!!! My playthrough of the early access, survival horror game Visage. This playthrough was recorded back in December spanning 2 streams. This game freaked me out and I hop you enjoy the playthrough! Hit the bell icon, it does help! If you enjoyed the video, leave a like! Please Subscribe. I stream… Read More »

Veteran’s Week… PTSD Service Dogs for Vets

Next week is Veteran’s Week here on our YouTube channel and German Shepherd Man and Puppy Girl make the big announcement in this video. Videos will be coming out every day from February 18, 2019 through the 22nd. Source: Youtube

DEPRESSION | depression | anxiety | psychology | schizophrenia | bipolar | borderline personality

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Anxiety VS Social Anxiety

Anxiety is also know as generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) Social anxiety is also known as social anxiety anxiety disorder (SAD) Anxiety and social anxiety share some symptoms however they are two different problems. Anxiety and social anxiety both have physical and physiological symptoms Both GAD and SAD are characterized by persistent anxiety that is excessive… Read More »

Team UpRize – Changes (Official Video)

#teamuprize 2019 Uprize Ent. From the upcoming UpRize Entertainment compilation.This song is about a man Nicknamed ‘Reign” who struggles with debilitating P.T.S.D, and the way that it has affected him and all of those around him. After 18 months of battling and overcoming an addiction to painkillers, He had suffered a nervous breakdown. One that… Read More »