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I Hear You: Episode 4 (It's Not Supposed to Hurt?)

http://www.ihearyouseries.com/ @ihearyouseries Episode 4: Julia is driven, married, runs a business and has had chronic vaginal pain during intercourse for the last 5 years. She can’t seem to get a doctor to take her seriously and her husband thinks they just aren’t trying hard enough to fix this ‘problem of hers’. The I Hear You… Read More »

Stay Healthy During Coronavirus or Covid19. This Free Hypnosis Audio is Calming and Relaxing.

http://www.mindyash.com/ As always if you believe you have a medical condition seek medical attention. People are experiencing stress because of the Covid19 also know as the coronavirus. Stress lowers your immune system. This hypnosis audio gives your subconscious mind suggestions for overall wellness and health. It’s important to be calm and relaxed because you want… Read More »

Eternal PTSD+The Best Non Claw Settings

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recovery from Scientology and other authoritarian cults ft. Chris Shelton

Why does it take most people such a long time to recover from involvement in an authoritarian group? Chris talks about his own recovery as a born-in Scientologist. Chris and Jon discuss Judith Herman’s description of complex post traumatic stress disorder which is relevant to anyone who has been involved in an authoritarian group or… Read More »