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My first cover

First part of Dna tru lyricist’s verse on PTSD on the blood trap beat Dna tru lyricist’s verse: https://youtu.be/F96xF1ztqyc Blood trap beat: https://youtu.be/R7nvFtgFW5w Lyrics: Post traumatic stress disorder makes me press record and Record the most beratic sets of morbid lyrically blessed distorted beautiful songs beyond the fortune gorgeous stars that sort the auras while… Read More »

Are You RE-Traumatizing Yourself? 16 Self-Defeating Behaviors Common with Childhood PTSD.

Part of the damage from abuse and neglect in childhood is what actually happened when we were kids. But a significant part of the problem today comes from what I call “Inside Traumas.” These are self-defeating behaviors that are common to people who are frequently in a state of dysregulation. They start as an innocent… Read More »

A Lesson Every Parent Needs To Learn.

Ryan talks about a lesson he has learned as a parent that makes a BIG difference. ARIANNA’S CHANNEL ∙ https://youtube.com/ariannapflederer RYAN’S CHANNEL ∙ https://youtube.com/uncratedcrowd ———————————————————————————– FAQ ⤵︎ WHY DID WE START VLOGGING? Our unexpected viral wedding video pushed us to start posting videos more! Arianna started with cover songs and after doing the Husband Tag… Read More »


The stigma around PTSD makes it seem as if War veterans are the only ones effects. We push away the disorder far out from our everyday lives, believing that it won’t effect the people around us. Pushing it away doesn’t make it easier – in fact the complete opposite. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can take… Read More »

How Childhood Trauma Causes CPTSD, Anxiety, Depression & Addictions

CPTSD is exactly like the kind of PTSD we are all familiar with except that instead of having to survive in a war zone or having a series of horrific experiences, it is an all too common response to childhood emotional neglect, abandonment or physical, emotional, sexual abuse. Most people who have it don’t even… Read More »

Aid in PTSD Recovery | S. oju Subliminals

*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・’・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・* ❤️{ вeneғιтѕ { Aid in healing from PSTD, and from the event that triggered it { Release any unhealthy coping tendencies { Be free of flashbacks, nightmares, panic attacks, negative thinking, intrusive thoughts, and more. { HPA (Hypothalamic-Pituitary-adrenal axis) are all able to easily manage stress and are free of over-producing stress hormones/stress… Read More »

Soldier With PTSD Song / Ain't Easy

#Soldier With #PTSD: Ain’t Easy Raising awareness about PTSD amongst these brave men and women who sacrifice so much for us. www.musictowardspoliceandmilitaryptsd.com Ain’t Easy ~ Written by Teressa Dykes Composer ~ Boss from Ikon Productions Lyrics: Verse 1: Kiss the wife, In the morning, Have a good, Day today, Daily routines, Are ending, I’ll be… Read More »