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Help Fund A Post Traumatic Stress Intervention Tool

Hello Everyone! Thank you for tuning in to my channel! I have devoted the last few years seeking to understand trauma, the repercussions of trauma, and methods of treatment. This channel is devoted to bringing awareness to posttraumatic stress and reducing the stigmatization of the disorder. There is a lot happening! In this video I… Read More »

Post Traumatic Strength

In the early 1990s, psychologists Richard Tedeschi and Lawrence Calhoun coined the term “post-traumatic growth,” or PTG. PTG embraces the idea and reality that remarkable positive changes can occur in the days, months, or even years after incredible adversity. The concept of PTG has been recognized for centuries. For example, tragedy has been the focus… Read More »

PTSD Trigger Help

In our book #dealwithit – living well with PTSD, my wife Melissa talks about what she does to help me when various things trigger me. If you have PTSD or know someone who does, I think you will find our book ‘#dealwithit- living well with PTSD’ helpful. We talk about what we have done together… Read More »

Power of Your Partner IN PTSD Recovery

I talk about this extensively in my book “#dealwithit – living well with PTSD.” Doing life on your own is lonely, coming to terms with your PTSD on your own is just about impossible. A ‘partner’ is a person who sits outside of your day to day battle. It should be someone you trust, someone… Read More »

What Is Normal For PTSD?

I think the bigger question is, what is normal and normal for whom? Is it normal to stay up late night watching Netflix, or is it normal getting up at 4 to head to the gym, so you feel good about yourself? Is it normal to have 4 or 5 drinks 3 days a week… Read More »

Do Not Become His PTSD Caregiver

Do Not Become His PTSD Caregiver One of the primary reason my first marriage broke down and why my second marriage is so successful, is not because I have fully recovered from PTSD. Melissa has never known me as ‘well,’ she as only known me as broken…but she has never seen me like that. When… Read More »

Power of Your Partner In PTSD Recovery

People tend to undervalue their role as a partner in PTSD recovery, put it simply, I could not have made it as far as I have without Melissa. On two occasions you intervened when I was sucking a bottle and contemplating sucking a barrel. In our book #dealwithit – living well with PTSD, we talk… Read More »

Redefining Your PTSD Normal

Comparisons are not only odorous but a waste of bloody time. You are the only you that you will ever have. You have to embrace the new you that is arising out of the ashes of C/PTSD and redefine your new normal for your new self and your new life. If you do not then… Read More »

PTSD And Human Trafficking With Ann Beal Radio Show

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Ann Beal on her radio “Show Getting Better With Ann Beal” to discuss our non -profit work with Give Them A Voice Foundation. We discussed anti-human trafficking and PTSD recovery. For a discount on #dealwithit – living well with PTSD go to www.drjohnaking.com/shop and use the code… Read More »

Moving beyond PTSD – A Webinar About Hope

With upwards of a million people in Australia suffering PTSD, and upwards of 3 million people living with people experiencing PTSD on a daily basis, PTSD is a national problem in Australia which requires a national response. There is a lot to talk about when it comes to PTSD and in our earlier webinars we… Read More »

Army Soldier Shares His Experience with PTSD

For some, the battle doesn’t end when they come home. A former U.S. Army slider talks about what it’s like living with Post Traumatic Stress after his deployment to Afghanistan. — Follow Us Online: https://www.militaryonesource.mil/ Facebook: https://facebook.com/military.1source Twitter: https://twitter.com/military1source Instagram: https://instagram.com/military1source Pinterest: https://pinterest.com/military1source Source: Youtube

The PTSD Day After Effect

The PTSD Day After Effect Often after an event like Mothers Day, I find things difficult. The emotional ‘wash’ is something I sometimes forget to take into account. I talk about it extensively in my book #dealwithit – living well with PTSD. I think you would find my book ‘#dealwithit- living well with PTSD’ helpful.… Read More »

Phone App Relaxes PTSD Victims

Young people and adults with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder suffer from flashback-induced anxiety attacks that send the entire body into orbit. Controlling the breathing rate using an electronic device helps those with PTSD relax, suppress anxiety, and better manage their symptoms. Clinical researchers from Atlanta’s Emory University reported their success with just such a gadget… Read More »