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Could I have PTSD? | #MyCounselorSays

Question: Austin says, “At age 16 my dad was suicidal, my step mom was leaving, and I was hearing voices and planning commit suicide. Could that cause PTSD?” Christian Counselor Jacob Wilhelm talks about the signs of PTSD, and the help and hope that is available to anyone struggling. First of all, Austin, I appreciate… Read More »

Depression is Real Trailer

Hello to all my current and new subscribers! This is the trailer to part two of my Depression is real series. Make sure you guys COMMENT, LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE AND SUBSCRIBE!!!! SAMHSA’s National Helpline, 1-800-662-HELP (4357), or TTY: 1-800-487-4889[The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration] National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, 1-800-273-TALK (8255) Source: Youtube

PTSD & Cannabis Discussion (Lit & Lucid Podcast: Episode 60)

Lit & Lucid Season 6: Episode 60 Hear from a panel of 5 guests discussing what PTSD is, how cannabis can help, and how Veterans are being effected by PTSD. Episode 60 was recorded at Lit Dispensary in Denver, CO with panelists: Dr. David Gordon, Anna Yensen, Veteran David Larose, Bruce Nassau, Ph.D. partner of… Read More »

Moving beyond PTSD – A Webinar About Hope

With upwards of a million people in Australia suffering PTSD, and upwards of 3 million people living with people experiencing PTSD on a daily basis, PTSD is a national problem in Australia which requires a national response. There is a lot to talk about when it comes to PTSD and in our earlier webinars we… Read More »

A Brief Lesson on PTSD

#PTSD #Veterans #Stress In this video, I talk specifically about Combat Related Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, a traumatic-stressor disorder. I go into the facts and statistics of this disorder. This really speaks to me because my boyfriend is retired Army and suffers from PTSD. I support our troops! Thank you all for your service! National… Read More »

PTSD: British Army Major opens up about his personal struggle with post traumatic stress disorder

A company commander in the Parachute Regiment’s 3rd Battalion has opened up about his personal struggle with PTSD. Major Andrew Fox is believed to be one of the most senior serving soldiers to talk about his experience with post-traumatic stress disorder. This clip is from Emma Barnett Mon-Thurs 10am – 1pm on BBC Radio 5… Read More »

Narcissistic Abuse & PTSD: what the victim needs to know | Break The Cycle

This video explains how a survivor of narcissistic abuse may develop post traumatic stress disorder. In the video I talk about: What post traumatic stress disorder is What happens when you re-experience the symptoms Common problems associated with PTSD Coping strategies The video is an accompaniment to my brand new digital course on how to… Read More »

PTSD – Interview with Tim Carter (part 5 of 5, made with Spreaker)

Source: Post traumatic stress disorder is normally associated with those who have been in combat. PTSD symptoms can appear in those who have been through any traumatic experience such as natural disasters, rape, combat, abuse and other factors. Tim Carter experienced the loss of a mother when he was 15, the loss of a 15… Read More »

4 Ways to Stay Grounded for PTSD Flashbacks

Hello, lovely humans! Welcome to Mentalive. Here are 4 ways to stay grounded for PTSD flashbacks. If PTSD doesn’t apply to you, these may still be helpful. I’ve also found that they work for panic attacks and anxiety attacks too. Stay updated and visit the store at mentalive.org Please support me on sther! https://www.sther.co/mentalive Follow… Read More »

From Trauma To Serenity: How Danielle Ratliff Works Through PTSD (part 3 of 4, made with Spreaker)

Source: Owner of Serenity Now Massage Studio in the Lake Norman area of North Carolina, Danielle Ratliff, discusses her powerful story of working through a traumatic sexual assault and subsequent PTSD. She discusses the loss of personal sense of safety and control over her body and how therapy and medication has helped in her healing… Read More »