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Vet Cases resolving PTSD

Watch 4 stories about veterans who resolved PTSD quickly using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). The most well-known energy psychology method, EFT is an evidence-based approach. It is supported by 100+ studies published in refereed journals. Brought to you by the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP). Learn more are Http://Energypsych.org/research Source: Youtube

How to deal with negative thoughts | Dr Meghna Varma, Pace Hospitals

How to deal with negative thoughts by Dr Meghna Varma: https://www.pacehospital.com/psychiatry ————– Dr. Meghna Varma MBBS (KEM Hospital, Mumbai), PG Diploma in Mental Health (CMC, Vellore) Consultant Psychotherapist and Psychiatrist Dr. Meghna Varma is a Consultant Psychotherapist with expertise in holistic and integrative Psychotherapy. An MBBS (Gold Medalist) from KEM Hospital, Mumbai and PG Diploma… Read More »

Mental Health 2021 Theme of Hacking the Nervous System for Mental Health

Your mental health 2021: The theme here is that your mental health is influenced by your nervous system. There are easy ways to adjust your nervous system to improve your mental health. Dr. Don Russell shows you some ways your can calm your activated nervous system for more calm and better mental health in the… Read More »