Does the SGB Injection Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Dr. Hatgis answers an unexpected questions from one of our patients. Still not sure if the SGB is right for you? Give us a call to find out! 👇⁠ ⁠ -⁠ 📞 | (305) 459-3300⁠ 📱 | @ptsd.group⁠ 👨🏻‍⚕️| @therealdrjesse⁠ 📍 | Miami Fl & Phoenix Az 💻 | www.ptsdgroup.com⁠ (Link in Bio)⁠ Source: Youtube

Ptsd Injection Procedure – Final Review of the day by Dr. Jesse Hatgis

Another successful day at PTSD Group 🙌💯⁠ -⁠ If you have PTSD or anxiety and are considering the SGB Injection as a treatment option, please don’t hesitate to give us a call! ☎️ We are eagerly waiting for your call and are happy to help you! 🤗⁠ -⁠ 📱 | @ptsd.group⁠ 📍 | Miami Florida⁠… Read More »

PTSD Injection procedure – Wondering what it's like to be on the procedure table

Once our patients understand how quick and simple the procedure really is, most of them opt out of sedation. Local anesthesia was used to numb the neck area of the patient before the injection was given. 💉⁠ -⁠ If you have PTSD and are searching for a quick and effective treatment option, the SGB Injection… Read More »