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Day 2 PTSD Awareness Seminar 2020

Have you ever been involved with a Narcissist? Have you or a loved one been a victim of narcissistic abuse? So have I, and my Special Guest, Rebekah Redvall! She is my expert in Narc Abuse, and breaking free from that strangling bondage! We talk abuse, mindset, victim to victor, breaking free, recovery, helping loved… Read More »

Life with PTSD – please welcome Peach

Peach (Germany, W. Europe) is a new guest, ITP (In This Podcast) we share our experiences, mostly very bad ones, but there is something about Peach that made my day. There is hope. There’s always hope, sooner or later, things must change. I hope Peach will witness those days from now on. Wanna help? PS… Read More »