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PTSD Symptoms After My Sexual Assault and How I Deal with Them

Over 15 years ago, I was sexually assaulted. The worst part of this was the PTSD I had to deal with. It sucks, totally. But there is so much we can do about it, and so much I do to take my power back. This is the story of my PTSD symptoms after I was… Read More »

12 Signs of CPTSD-PTSD

12 Signs of CPTSD-PTSD I speak of some of the signs. (This video was originally on my old YouTube account. Updated information below.) Please Like, Comment and Subscribe Facebook https://www.facebook.com/cptsdtalk Twitter https://twitter.com/CptsdTalk Instagram https://www.instagram.com/cptsdtalk Email @ cptsdtalk@gmail.com Source: Youtube

Triggers- How to stop being triggered by stuff-(PTSD)

Triggers-Also known as “Paired Associations” in psychology are when our brain links an object or event with the flight fight freeze response. Triggers often come as a result of trauma and are associated with PTSD. They can be quite strong reactions and often lead to the one thing that makes them worse-avoidance. In this video… Read More »

PTSD a sign of strength? or post traumatic growth?- Hudkins & Halmasy- Sean Conohan

In this episode we chat with #Uptalkpodcast host – Sean Conohan about post traumatic growth, the affects of miss using words and terminology. We chat about uptalk and how he uses his podcast as a way to advocate but also a way of self care. Eastern Canadian Firefighter/Paramedic who has been there before and dealt… Read More »

Trauma PTSD Treatment & Recovery: Powerful Inner Child Work | Wu Wei Wisdom

Trauma and PTSD – understand their impact on you and your life and how to recover using Inner Child Therapy work. https://www.wuweiwisdom.com/… EPISODE #40 of our ‘Walk the Wu Wei’ teaching series, with Taoist monk and therapist, David James Lees, and life coach, Alexandra Lees… ✅ IN THIS EPISODE: 01:05 – What is trauma and… Read More »

Release Past Trauma / Post-Traumatic Stress – Light Language Healing Sample Track

Full audio at https://lightlanguagehealing.com/product/release-post-traumatic-stress-audio-transmission/ This is a Light language transmission of Love to assist in releasing attachment to past trauma. Under the guidance of your Higher Self, the Light language will help you lovingly acknowledge and release the layers of experience that are creating the stress reaction, whether stemming from this lifetime or past/alternate timelines.… Read More »

Appletv+, Oprah Winfrey and Mental Health: Burnout, Anxiety, Depression and PTSD

#appletv+ #oprahwinfrey #mentalhealth Going rouge today to discuss the big news from the Apple Event – Keynote March 2019… Why you ask? Oprah has “joined forces” with Apple for original content on the new AppleTV+ streaming service. Oprah revealed news about an unnamed multipart series “on mental health and how the scourge of depression and… Read More »

Veteran Mike Whiter Explains How Cannabis Can Help Veterans With PTSD | NowThis

This is the life-changing impact cannabis can have on veterans with post-traumatic stress. » Subscribe to NowThis: http://go.nowth.is/News_Subscribe Veteran Mike Whiter believes cannabis can help with post-traumatic stress. “I like to say PTS, post-traumatic stress, because to me, it’s not a disorder. To me, it’s just who I am now,” he explained. “Weed was the… Read More »

Definitions Of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder usually occurs in combat soldiers; however, all people who have experienced traumatic events such as rape, natural disasters, accidents, kidnappings, or physical abuse can develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Source: Youtube

What is PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder)?

Visit changeapp.com.au What is PTSD? Where does PTSD come from? How does PTSD affect us mentally? How do we recover from PTSD? What is trauma? What forms can trauma take and who does it affect? We answer all these questions in a short educational video from Phoenix Australia. Reproduced with the permission of Phoenix Australia.… Read More »