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Working At YouTube Will Give You PTSD

We’re on to you, #YouTube. Workers are now forced to deal with the fact that YouTube will give them gosh-darned #PTSD! Send us a DM on Instagram @DarkRacialHumor: http://instagram.com/DarkRacialHumor Experience all things Adobe House online: http://AdobeHouse.live Follow Bon Jenn: http://instagram.com/bonjenn Follow Collar John David Ricker: http://instagram.com/collaredshirt Dark Racial Humor #108. Season 2, episode 49. Source:… Read More »

D.I.D & PTSD – Experiencing PTSD Triggers with D.I.D

I decided to make a video on what it is like to experience PTSD Triggers and how that plays out with D.I.D. A day in our lives while Drew is in a low at work due to triggers. Please leave feedback and let’s show him some support and love. Source: Youtube

D.I.D and PTSD – Episode 4 "The Flop"

Our next episode covering a critical moment for both our disorders. Our page is almost at 500 views, we are very excited and we have received some very positive feedback. We wanted to thank everyone very much for your support and we greatly appreciate everyone’s involvement. Thank you so much Source: Youtube

Help Launch PTSD/Trauma Recovery Practice – GoFundMe Update 1

It’s been a long journey getting to a place where I could heal from my own PTSD, and start helping people heal from theirs. This goal of this GoFundMe is to raise $2500 to open my practice, where I use a special technique to quickly process traumatic memories (literally 1-3 sessions – NOT 4 years… Read More »

When Trauma & Crisis are EASIER Than Quiet & Peace

One of the strangest side effects of living in chaos and trauma is the aftermath – when suddenly, “normal” feels incredibly uncomfortable. What do we do when chaos starts to feel like home? *Note* I think there’s another side to this discussion about how when we come OUT of survival mode, our brains suddenly start… Read More »