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Coping With PTSD

PTSD also know as post traumatic stress disorder is an anxiety disorder that can occur after a person has been through a traumatic event. These events can include: natural disasters, car crashes, sexual or physical assaults, terrorist attacks, combat during wartime, or even death of a pet or friend. In this video, we want to… Read More »

APA’s New Book: Written Exposure Therapy for PTSD

Watch a short video to learn more about Dr. Slone and Dr. Marx’s new book, Written Exposure Therapy for PTSD. Written Exposure Therapy is an effective PTSD treatment that is easier to implement, more affordable, and has lower dropout rates than other trauma interventions. In this unique approach, the client writes about a single traumatic… Read More »

PTSD Treatment – New Protocol for Full, Natural Healing

The effects of PTSD can be debilitating. I have developed a PTSD treatment method whereby your bio-electric field is reactivated, totally removing the symptoms of PTSD. This is especially important for veterans, first responders, and victims of accidents or abuse. It a safe, natural method that will get you back on your feet faster than… Read More »

About PTSD and Family: “She didn’t think I’d ever get better.” Veteran Christopher Goehner

Christopher D. Goehner US Navy (2003 – 2006) “I got off the bus…it was ‘Oh crap. Something’s different.” Learn more about PTSD from Christopher Goehner and other Veterans who’ve been there: http://www.ptsd.va.gov/AboutFace Source: Youtube

PTSD Nightmares Treated With Frequency Therapy – Testimonial

Frequency therapy helped our patient alleviate fears and nightmares which made medication unnecessary for her. The patients in our videos used Wellness PEMF devices https://www.wellnesspemf.com programmed with Pulsed Frequency software https://www.pulsedfrequency.com. Read more about Wellness PEMF MR7 personal magnetic frequency here: https://www.wellnesspemf.com/mr7 Source: Youtube

The End of the Road Therapist PTSD Treatment UK

New Leaf Programme is a Therapy Centre Based in Truro Cornwall The Director is Martin Webster a former Soldier and a Master Trainer of NLP. Martin is also the creator of a pioneering new technique called HMS Therapy. HMS is an effective Treatment for all stress related and mental health conditions. #PTSD #Depression and many… Read More »

Is PTSD Considered A Mental Disability?

SEE Is PTSD considered a mental disability? LIST OF RELATED VIDEOS OF Is PTSD considered a mental disability? Is Pua a girl or a boy? Is purslane a perennial? Is purslane and portulaca the same thing? Is purslane good for you? Is Rafflesia a parasitic plant? Is red tattoo ink dangerous? Is Rose water good… Read More »

Can PTSD Ever Be Cured?

OBSERVE Can PTSD ever be cured? LIST OF RELATED VIDEOS OF Can PTSD ever be cured? Can purslane be eaten raw? Can sea anemones hurt humans? Can Sharks drown? Can Sharks see? Can sharks swim straight up? Can Spider plants live outside? Can tattoo removal cause keloids? Can tattoos cover stretch marks on arms? Can… Read More »

Do You Have PTSD? Here’s How We Can Help You! Part 1

In this video, Doctor David Bonanno talks about PTSD, what he’s experienced, and how he can help you overcome from your PTSD. Through Dave’s experience, he works on providing quality tips and helps guide people to overcome their own PTSD. Find out more about Doctor Bonanno and PTSD therapy by visiting our website: www.doctorbonanno.com Source:… Read More »

Do You Have PTSD? Here’s How We Can Help You! Part 2

Doctor Bonanno and Matt can help you overcome PTSD. We have a different way of helping people overcome from their PTSD. Watch our videos and visit our website to know more about our methods and how we can help you overcome your PTSD! Learn more about our PTSD therapy and services by visiting our website… Read More »