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Licensed Clinical Social Worker Bruce Mufson speaks about PTSD. —-+ SUBSCRIBE for new videos covering various mental health topics. —-+ If you have any video ideas or would like to see Bruce speak about a particular mental health issue, let us know!! —-+ If you would like more information on how to arrange for a… Read More »

This Israeli's Answer is NOT What You Expect | When the Smoke Clears

Perfect for Yom Hazikaron, When the Smoke Clears tells the true stories, injuries and struggles of young Israeli soldiers. Full film is now available to watch on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/When-Smoke-Clears-Gil-Ganonyan/dp/B07MMRR4FT Ofer, a combat medic in the army, opens up about the ptsd depression and anxiety he’s experienced since witnessing the deaths of his friends and fellow… Read More »