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Audio 1. Cause And Effect Reality Checked MH. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

My voluntary community service. December 2019 Mya-Maria Nikolich I apologize for the interruption. The had battery run-out , on my recordable equipment and it ‘s Audio souned spookily monstrous. The devise was plugged -in , to chaege it immediately ; in the process. ible . Public Awareness… CONTAGIOUS… PLAGUE MENTAL SICKNESS ANY QUESTIONS ? ____________________________________________… Read More »

The Unignorable Evidence of Childhood Sexual Abuse: Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

The Australian Government has a responsibility to victims of Childhood sexual abuse- to follow through with the law and acknowledge behavioural evidence to support victims where perpetrators have left no evidence to meet a legal threshold. My darling husband was raped, sexually assaulted, and psychologically abused in his childhood by three perpetrators from the age… Read More »