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The Emotions Wheel – with Love and Joy during PTSD

In this short video, we talk about emotions, such such love, awe, joy and how we should embrace the positive emotions when they come. In the path to recovery from the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, the re-adaptation of your own emotions is very important. This was one of the tools that help us going through our… Read More »


Arianna has been having some signs of labor coming soon…will Revelynne be right? Will baby girl actually be born on Ryan’s birthday!? Make sure to follow us on our instagram (@ariannapflederer and @ryanpflederer) so you can find out sooner! We plan to do a birth vlog of course, but it will be a few days… Read More »

Hilarious Reasons Why Millennials Won’t Be Voting | Katie Petrick

The Trump election has given millennials such anxiety that it is similar to having post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). According to researchers at San Francisco State University, 25 percent of 769 millennials at Arizona State University surveyed in January and February of 2017 reported symptoms of PTSD, with the triggering event being Trump winning the 2016… Read More »

Curtiss King | Behind The Beat: MURS – PTSD ft. E-40

The making of the beat for MURS song “P T S D” ft. E-40 and produced by Curtiss King (http://CurtissKingBEATS.com). Song #5 “PTSD” ft. E-40 off the MURS debut album on Strange Music titled “Have A Nice Life” available on iTunes Download: apple.co/1EdbY9H New Official Hip Hop Song | Strange Music Beats: http://CurtissKingBEATS.com Twitter: @CURTISSKING… Read More »

Funeral for PTSD-suffering veteran who took his own life | ITV News

A former soldier who took his own life following a long struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder(PTSD) has been honoured at his funeral. Lance Corporal Dave Jukes lived with the disorder and acute depression having served for 25 years on tours in Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan. Following his death three weeks ago, his widow… Read More »

2 Things Vets MUST prove to Corroborate a Non-Combat VA PTSD Stressor Event

If you are claiming PTSD based on a non-combat stressor, then there are 2 things you will need to prove….the first is corroborating that the stressor event happened. Watch this video to learn the second thing you have to prove Source: Youtube