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COMM 4240 – Hypermasculinity and PTSD

This is a video project for COMM-4240 (Rhetoric & Pop Culture) at the University of North Texas. No copyright infringement is intended nor has this video been manufactured for any monetary or personal gain. Sources: Lee, A. (Director). (n.d.). Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk[Video file]. Retrieved August 7, 2018, from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mUULFJ_I048 Eguchi, S. (2009). Negotiating… Read More »

my ptsd story *trigger warning*

today, i am opening myself up to you 100 percent. holy shit i am so nervous. this is real scary stuff man. but i have to do it. i want to do it. i am tired of being (and allowing myself to be) a victim, because that’s not all i am. i am strong, brave,… Read More »

Cop m urderer, 30, argues he should get parole because he developed PTSD after strangling

Cop murderer, 30, argues he should get parole because he developed PTSD after strangling officer. The attorney for a man convicted a strangling a cop and then disposing of her body told a judge that his client should be eligible for parole because he has post-traumatic stress disorder – brought on by the murder itself. … Read More »

Narcissistic Abuse From the Why To The What Working the Change Triangle in Healing

The importance of moving out of the “Why’s” and into the “What” and then how questions using the Change Triangle and other tools in healing and recovery from Narcissistic Abuse, trauma, CPTSD, PTSD. I have been honoured to help and journey with many Narcissistic Abuse Survivors in supporting and helping them in their recoveries. What… Read More »

Hold On: The Bradley Sterritt Story, Part 3

From the tragedy of Australia’s worst Street Luge accident, to the mystery of one of the worlds rarest medical conditions, get on board and get to know the man at the enter of this inspirational story. From the back story that will leave many speechless, to the tragic events of December 2011, this instalment looks… Read More »

The Truth About Adoption Trauma That Your Therapist Isn’t Telling You

[Testimonial from and for Adoptive Moms. This video is NOT from the viewpoint of an adoptee.] Have you tried seemingly everything to help your child? As an adoptive mom and a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, I understand the struggle firsthand. And, once I figured out the REAL solution to the epic meltdowns, hypervigilance, and painful… Read More »

My Journey with PTSD…

Hey guys! I made my first youtube video, more to come! Here I talk about my struggles with PTSD after working on an ambulance. I hope to open up the conversation about mental illness with others. If you have a story to share, please share with me down below in the comments. Thanks for watching!… Read More »

BPD Stigma: When Misogyny and Mental Illness Collide (BPD vs. C-PTSD)

Hi, I’m Leif E. Greenz and I think borderline personality disorder (BPD) is often a sexist, scapegoat diagnosis. I am tired of the stigma and misogyny and I know many of my BPD-diagnosed loved ones are tired of it, too. Instagram: @leifegreenz I made this video at a viewer’s request, as BPD stigma is something… Read More »