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Aunt Judy Lee @ Home, You Can't Get Too Much Help For Complex Trauma

Here are the videos of Richard Grannon’s. Like I’ve said, I believe they are AWESOME and can get many people with complex trauma over some hurdles. Also he speaks in a way that very much makes me understand the unusual sensitivities or trigger spots that are now my “norm.” And its OKAY! I’ll NEVER be… Read More »

Aunt Judy Lee @ Home, Kind Of My CPTSD Overview

More and more I am coming back into my skin. How I’ve managed is remarkable, extraordinary even. All along “they” were saying I was unstable and “they” were just trying to help. “They” are F.O.S. Accepting the reality the medical and psycho analytical groups who surrounded me are emotionally void has been very stressful and… Read More »


RET’D COP RESPONDS TO LOCKDOWN 23AND1 CORRECTIONAL OFFICERS and POLICE LISTEN UP #lockdown23and1 SUPPORT THE CAUSE WITH SUBS AND VIEW TIME! #veterans #ptsd #tattoing WELCOME TO TESTED METTLE WITH GMAN 5338! Theme song by Que Rock TESTED METTLE TATTOO CO. Co GMan PO Box 10039 Alliston, ON L9R 0B7 Hello! Thanks for watching! Much love… Read More »

Let's Talk About PTSD! – with guest star Andrew

*CONTENT WARNING* THIS VIDEO CONTAINS EXTENSIVE DISCUSSION ABOUT PTSD, DEPRESSION, AND SUICIDE, WITH BRIEF MENTIONS OF SEXUAL ASSAULT AND TRAUMATIC SITUATIONS Hey guys, strap in for a long one! I brought in a guest to speak all about mental health, PTSD, and suicide. Andrew is very knowledgeable and I’m so glad he agreed to sit… Read More »

ERMD Therapy for Trauma or PTSD | A Better Today Recovery Services

Nancy Harkins is a Clinical Director for Residential Services at A Better Today Recovery Services. She is a very talented woman who prefers to practice ERMD therapy for patients experiencing trauma or PTSD. Many people who walk through our doors have experienced so type of trauma before or during their active addiction. She discussed the… Read More »