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PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

একই সাথে সমান তীব্রতার দুর্ঘটনাকবলিত হওয়ার পরেও, কেন আপনি সামলে উঠতে পারছেন কিন্তু আপনার অতি প্রিয়জন পারছেন না? “কিছু না! ঠিক হয়ে যাবে!” এসব বলে আপনি মনের অগোচরে কাছের মানুষটাকে সঠিক চিকিৎসা থেকে বঞ্চিত করছেন নাতো? বারবার মারাত্মক তীব্রতায় একই ঘটনা অনুভূত হওয়া, স্বপ্নে বা বাস্তবে কষ্টদায়ক একই স্মৃতি বারবার আসা, দুর্বিষহ সে ঘটনার সাথে… Read More »

What is Post-Traumatic Stress? Treating PTSD

Clinical psychologist Chris Mackey discusses how to manage post-traumatic stress. Post-traumatic stress, if left untreated, can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, is when people are confronted with lingering negative feelings after having faced a situation that they’ve found to be substantially overwhelming. Subsequent memories can be triggered by other experiences and cause significant… Read More »

Workin’ On – Colt Ford Fans Share Their PTSD Story

Workin’ On helps raise awareness for PTSD. Colt Ford’s fans have been telling their stories from all across America when they heard the song, share their experiences here. Get the single here: http://smarturl.it/WorkinOnSingle 20% of all soldiers deployed within the last six years have been diagnosed with PTSD. Learn more about the Lone Survivor Foundation… Read More »

1499 Heal From C-PTSD, Rape, Molestation, Sexual Assault | Sexual Trauma Healing Testimonial

She spent 30+ years and thousands and thousands of dollars trying to fix the problems inside her mind. She was born into a dysfunctional family and suffered through abandonment, molestation, physical and verbal abuse, date rape and negative money programs. She thought she was set up for a disastrous life, but that all changed with… Read More »

PTSD symptoms emerged decades after military service

Vietnam Veterans like Don were sometimes disrespected after returning home. For years, feelings of guilt and traumatic experiences took their toll even though he didn’t recognize it. Then 9/11 triggered something in Don and he started having nightmares and angry outbursts. He drank a lot to try to cope. Hear his reaction to learning he… Read More »

FRSN.ORG Presents: Choosing Life Over PTSD [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

www.frsn.org You are not alone. WE DO NOT OWN the copyrights to this song. Purchase and listen to “In My Blood” by Shawn Mendes here: Google Link https://play.google.com/music/preview/T2cl7cw5477q622f3jrtnz7fq6a?play=1&u=0 itunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/shawn-mendes/1376115721 Listen on Spotify: Instrumental Version Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1UIGgaw2gTY Source: Youtube

An Army journalist takes on her PTSD

After being diagnosed with several medical conditions, Amber also developed PTSD. She reached out for help and now has a new lease on life. ——— Learn more about PTSD: https://maketheconnection.net/conditions/ptsd Find out more about Make the Connection: https://maketheconnection.net/what-is-mtc See what’s new on MakeTheConnection.net: https://maketheconnection.net/whats-new Subscribe to our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/veteransmtc “Like” us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/veteransmtc… Read More »

United by Trauma with PTSD Survivor Gary Rubie

Gary worked as a police officer in Ontario, Canada and experienced PTSD. We are so thankful that Gary was kind and courageous enough to share his story, his hope, and his sucess in his battle through this injury. Whether you’re a cop, medic, military, firefighter, emergerncy medical staff, we are truly United by Trauma. Source:… Read More »

Ecstatic states: treating PTSD with MDMA

Bob, a Vietnam vet struggling with PTSD for many years, was desperate for relief. When a number of his vet friends committed suicide, he knew he could be next. Then he saw a CNN report on the successes of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy in PTSD treatment. After being rejected from participation in the clinical trials conducted by… Read More »