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Today we officially start the countdown to the release of Stolen Childhood on October 18th with our IMPACTS Campaign! When dealing with PANDAS/PANS, there are many things that get impacted in both the child and parents lives. Not only are they impacted physically and health wise but also socially, emotionally and mentally as well in… Read More »

PTSD – demystifying post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) anxiety, depression & stress-free 1st sess

PTSD, anxiety, depression & stress best solutions & 1st session free program https://www.gofundme.com/f/ptsd-solutions-amp-free-sessions https://energy-wellness-holistic-medicine-practitioner.business.site/ ptsd – Learn about PTSD symptoms in children age six and younger St Vincent’s Hospital offers a PTSD treatment course as part of its THISWAYUP e-mental health program this video covers the definition diagnostic criteria associated biological factors and symptoms of… Read More »


This video is to talk about my experience with LSD and how it greatly diminished symptoms of social anxiety and depression I was diagnosed with. LSD is a very potent drug substance that lasts 12 hours which enables you to interpret things about yourself and the world in general from a different perspective. Because your… Read More »