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DISTRESSED (Short Scene About PTSD)

In this short scene we talk about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Towards the last part of the video we talk about some future plans to extend this short scene. More more information we have included links as usual. Disclaimer: *Our videos are here for your Entertainment/Education only, we take no responsibility for any reconstruction of… Read More »

Taking Care of Yourself While Dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

By practicing mindfulness and incorporating some form of a healthy lifestyle, one can continue to thrive forward past narcissistic abuse, while being treated for symptoms of post traumatic injury. After receiving a diagnosis for post traumatic stress injury, there are many that face challenges of dealing with how he or she might feel and think… Read More »

YTP: Squilliam Fancysus triggers Spingebill's PTSD

Hope you like my new channel name/watermark/profile pic! I was working on another poop at the same time as this (The source is board james), and it isn’t as good, but I really wanted to upload this when I got it done. I have an old Spingebill vid that I don’t like, so what better… Read More »

Ptsd Injection Procedure – Final Review of the day by Dr. Jesse Hatgis

Another successful day at PTSD Group 🙌💯⁠ -⁠ If you have PTSD or anxiety and are considering the SGB Injection as a treatment option, please don’t hesitate to give us a call! ☎️ We are eagerly waiting for your call and are happy to help you! 🤗⁠ -⁠ 📱 | @ptsd.group⁠ 📍 | Miami Florida⁠… Read More »

PTSD Injection procedure – Wondering what it's like to be on the procedure table

Once our patients understand how quick and simple the procedure really is, most of them opt out of sedation. Local anesthesia was used to numb the neck area of the patient before the injection was given. 💉⁠ -⁠ If you have PTSD and are searching for a quick and effective treatment option, the SGB Injection… Read More »

Personal Reflection of my PTSD Military Trauma | War Veteran with PTSD | OIF Operation Iraqi Freedom

Dive deeper into the mind of an Inspired Human – https://www.DesireeClemons.com Its a rant but an important one. My military deployment was an experience I will never forget. In the Navy, I set sail on the Dwight D. Eisenhower CVN 69 during OIF, Operation Iraqi Freedom and experienced some traumatic experiences and unwanted harassment. This… Read More »