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I’m Losing Friends: PTSD, Isolation, and Pregnancy

Hi, my name is Leif E. Greenz and I have recently lost a lot of friends due to a combination of pregnancy, rural isolation, and PTSD. Let’s get to know each other on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/leifegreenz Today’s video is about how pregnancy and PTSD have taken their toll on my relationships over the past five months.… Read More »

10 Things I Will Do When I Am Better | CRPS, FND, PTSD| Warrior Princess

Hi Warriors and welcome to my channel. A little insight into what it’s like to be a CRPS, FND and PTSD warrior. After having a tough week, I have decided that this week’s vlog will be a happy one; looking towards the future when I can beat these diseases. Living with CRPS, FND and PTSD… Read More »

Rick’s Testimonial on struggling with PTSD – Russ Scala

http://www.e-juven8.com Ex-Special Forces Soldier Rick give his testimonial on how genetic testing by the Institute of Nutritional Medicine and Cardiovascular Research aided in his recovery of PTSD. Source: Youtube

Flashbacks After Narcissistic Abuse A Symptom Of C-ptsd

Flashbacks after narcissistic abuse are a symptom of C-PTSD. The royal we identifies these flashbacks as both harmful and helpful. 📚NEW COURSE ▶︎ https://the-royal-we.teachable.com/p/acceptance JOIN 🙌INSTA→ https://www.instagram.com/jointheroyalwe/ Source: Youtube

Bee Daring Foundation with Michelle DiMuria | Why Arizona PODCAST

“I’m not damaged goods. It was a bump in the road. I have not allowed it to consume who I am. I use my story and I embrace what happened to me. I use it to continue my foundation in a positive light… Through my foundation, I hope people will feel a little more comfortable… Read More »

Can the VA Take Away Your Guns Due to Mental Illness?

Restricting gun ownership for veterans judged mentally ill is a controversial subject that is being debated across our country and even in the halls of Congress. So what are your rights? Federal law says that if the VA decides a veteran is severely incompetent mentally and appoints a fiduciary—a person to take over their personal… Read More »

Bob Forrest Archives Part 2: Trauma and Personality Disorder

https://AloRecovery.com – Bob Forrest speaks with a small group of young adults at Alo House’s treatment facilities in Los Angeles, California about trauma and personality disorder. We all deal a lot with trauma. Trauma is definitely a part of our society and it causes personality disorder and you can see it everywhere. You can see… Read More »

They’ll Never Be the Same: A Parent’s Guide to PTSD in Youth Audiobook by Michael S. Scheeringa MD

Listen to the full audiobook They’ll Never Be the Same: A Parent’s Guide to PTSD in Youth for free at audilib.com Format: Unabridged Written by: Michael S. Scheeringa MD Narrated by: Margo Trueblood Publisher: Central Recovery Press Release date: 6/21/2018 Duration: 8 hrs and 43 mins Language: English Genres: Psychology & The Mind A compassionate… Read More »