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Harvard Cancer Research. Veteran PTSD. CBD Concerns. Finance. S1.E5

Cancer Research at Harvard Dr. Wilfred Ngwa is developing cannabis treatment for pancreatic cancer with startling results in furthering cancer eradication with CBD injections. Specialty Cannabis Strain for Veteran PTSD Bob Luciano is a war veteran who helped thousands of veterans with soldiers with PTSD after they turned to heroine and became addicted. What to… Read More »

Episode 23: Life After Tragedy…Losing a Spouse to PTSD

Many veterans struggle assimilating back into normal every day society when they come home from an active combat environment. In tonight’s episode, we sit down with 2 very strong women who lost their spouses due to addiction as a coping mechanism to PTSD. Emotional trigger warning, viewer discretion is advised. Source: Youtube

THE BREAKUP + PTSD: Relationship Talk

***DISCLAIMER*** I am NOT a mental health professional. **CW/TW: Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence This is my break up rant. It’s been a week and I’m feeling way better than I thought I would. I learned a lot about myself and how others operate. Holding myself accountable for stuff, and making sure I always sort through… Read More »