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Jeddah Corniche Fishing Day 2/Chads-Adventure

Seven Reasons Why Fishing is Good for You 1. Fishing keeps you fit By going fishing your main muscle groups, heart and lungs are all getting a good work out. Choosing a fishing spot that’s a 10 to 15 minute walk from your car is an obvious boost to aerobic exercise. But setting up, casting off and… Read More »

iRest Meditation Music – 10 Minutes of iRest Meditation Music

iRest Meditation Music – 10 Minutes of iRest Meditation Music. iRest is a simple mindfulness-based meditation practice, based on the ancient tradition of Yoga Nidra and adapted to suit the conditions of modern life. iRest meditation empowers you to integrate challenging memories, emotions, and beliefs and to return to your complete and harmonious wholeness of… Read More »

The sound of rain with thunder – cozy bathroom (8 hours)

Listen to this relaxing rain sound to sleep or relax in your cozy room. Deep sleep, white noise, sleep sounds, ASMR sleep are what you can find in this atmosphere. Fall asleep to these relaxing gentle sounds of rain falling outside your room as rain drops hit your window, providing the best relief for your… Read More »

Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

Today Deacon Mark Legreve reminds us of the horrors many men, women, and their families faced as Pearl Harbor was bombed by the Japanese. While the bombing occurred 79 years ago, the trauma and pain many veterans and their families faced lasted years after WWII ended. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) affects not only veterans… Read More »

PTSD : Perseverance- Trust- Strength- Determination

On this Dela’s Voice Live Sunday Show, we will talk to Jillian A Brown, Professional Photographer/ Adventurer, CEO of Camp My Way, Speaker, Bell Let’s Talk National campaign Advocate and a superhero. Join me and listen to her inspiring journey of how she left a life of abuse behind and found strength and hope within… Read More »

Royal Flush (Therapy for P.T.S.D.)

Welcome to the Royal Flush. This is one man’s attempt to overcome his Complex P.T.S.D (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) resulting from being victims in a road rage inspired gun shooting. There is laughter, crying, and tears of joy from triumphs and the pain of failure. This is a variety show that features others dancing, connecting, and… Read More »


If your life feels empty and lonely, despite the fact that you do all the things that are supposed to fill up your life — you might be a COVERT AVOIDER. This is common for adults with CPTSD, who grew up with abuse and neglect. You might have a good career, you’re friendly, you’re interesting,… Read More »

Post Traumatic Growth with the Trial Action Path (Find Hope and Resilience after Life's trials).

Post Traumatic Growth is possible with the Trial Action Path! You can find hope, resilience, and happiness after life’s trials. My mission is to help you find hope post traumatic growth and resilience after all trials and traumas. I can show you how to be grateful for life’s trials. I will share my story of… Read More »