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It Works! Tim speaks about the different PTSD treatments compared to the Quantum Therapeutix Method

Tim speaks frankly about his numerous different tries at treatment through the VA. He shares his initial skepticism and his surprise at the swift relief he experienced with the Quantum Therapeutix Process! Source: Youtube

PRE TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER (World of Warcraft Classic #3)

PTSD for the new generation. Enjoy! Also, sorry for the huge delay for this video. My internet provider decided to screw me over so I went with another one in order to get more consistent internet but then that one was super slow and I couldn’t get better internet with them. My apologies. https://www.patreon.com/user?u=18271315 Source:… Read More »

Complex PTSD and Emotional Triggers

CPTSD and Emotional Triggers #cptsd #trauma #mentalhealth #childhoodtrauma Become a supporting member of this channel! CLICK HERE: https://paypal.me/KarunaHubfortheHeart Karuna shares from deeply personal experience and knowledge: She has completed in-depth studies with the world’s finest meditation masters and spiritual teachers. Her personal experience of healing at emotional, physical and spiritual levels has guided her to… Read More »

WINZ threatened to call the police on me. Bipolar, PTSD. Part 2

See part 1 for first half and for more information about what happened. WINZ threatened to call the police because I got angry because they made a mistake and would not listen. Despite feeling angry, I was not verbally nor physically violent. Then I was quiet and refused to leave until they sorted the problem.… Read More »

Tim: What would you say to other soldiers suffering with PTSD?

Tim a US Special forces officer talks to those of you out who are soldiers or veterans that are suffering from PTSD. Or any one who is struggling with integrating back into the world after such horrendous experiences. There is help! There is a way out. Quantum Therapeutix is a new alternative treatment for ptsd.… Read More »

From a Wheelchair to Walking – My Recovery Journals #001

Today I went for a swim. Swimming has been really helping me a lot. The water sliding across my legs really strikes up my fibromyalgia and neve damage, but it does feel very good to be in the water. I am very hopeful for the future. More info about me below. – WHAT IS THIS… Read More »