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Overcoming PTSD Isolation By Micheale Ann

Micheale is a new student of Broken To Unbreakable and feels in control for the first time in over a year. At the lowest of her low she used to isolate herself to her bedroom and shut out the world. Now only after a few days she’s taking steps out of her room, and regaining… Read More »

Top PTSD Myths That Hold You Back – PTSD Book Club: PTSD TV

On this week’s PTSD Book Club Brad and I talk about the founder of EMDR, Francine Shapiro’s, book “Getting Past Your Past”! This book is an incredible read for anyone who is suffering with PTSD. It will give you hope for a FULL recovery, and also give you some incredibly amazing action steps you can… Read More »

PTSD From Both A Psychological & Spiritual POV

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What Is Love? – PTSD and Relationships: PTSD TV Episode #21

Sorry the video cut out halfway through our episode! Today Brad and I talk about a BIG topic… love! What is love? Believe it or not, most people don’t actually know what love is… They don’t know how to show it, or accept it…. or even what it is supposed to look like. Too many… Read More »

How To Use Mindfulness To Control PTSD Thoughts – PTSD Recovery Workshop: PTSD TV Episode #20

On this weeks PTSD Recovery Workshop Brad and I talk about mindfulness! There’s a lot going around on the internet nowadays about mindfulness, and it can be a bit confusing to know where to start. Today we breakdown the most important fundamental pieces of mindfulness and how you can bring it into your daily life.… Read More »

Taming The Voice Inside Your Head – PTSD Book Club: PTSD TV Episode #19

Today Brad and I talk about an AMAZING book, the Untethered Soul by Michael Singer! We are going to help you uncover layers of your mind that you never knew existed… Have you ever wondered how to stop the constant negative thinking that dominates your mind? Today we cover the core lessons to help you… Read More »

How To Create A Team Atmosphere: PTSD And Relationships – PTSD TV Episode #17

Welcome to PTSD Relationships! Today Brad and I talk about how to build an unstoppable team between you and your loved ones 🙂 If you’re having any sort of trouble with your PTSD and relationships then you need to listen to this. You get to see both partner’s perspectives, a completely unique point of view.… Read More »

How to make every PTSD Meltdown a moment of Growth? – PTSD Motivation: PTSD TV Episode #14

Your “failures” are not failures… Mistakes are good! PTSD comes with a LOT of problems, but they are all problems that you HAVE to face! Today Brad and I talk about how to use these “failures” as fuel to help you get to the next level, and heal your PTSD. Resources: The Best PTSD Nightly… Read More »

How To “Time Block” Your PTSD Recovery – PTSD Recovery Workshop: PTSD TV Episode #13

Today Brad and I talk about how to Time Block your PTSD recovery. Time Blocking is an essential tool that you need to learn in order to make consistent progress towards full recovery! Here’s what we cover today: 1 – What is “Time Blocking”? 2 – Why is “Time Blocking” important to PTSD Recovery? 3… Read More »

The Best PTSD Nightly Routine For Better Sleep

I had CPTSD for over 15 years… And this is the exact routine I did every single night to make sure that I got the best night sleep possible. This routine will help… – Calm your anxiety – Your thoughts to settle and relax – Reduce nightmares – Get a sounder more peaceful night’s rest… Read More »

Positivity Is BAD? Panic Attacks, And How To Help Others – Weekly Q&A – PTSD TV Episode #10

Sorry for the audio! (We fixed the problem for the future!) Today we answer a few questions from YOU! 1 – Is being positive actually BAD for you? 2 – How to stop panic attacks 3 – How to help others who are in need If you want to learn what I did to overcome… Read More »

“Second Darts” How To End Suffering – PTSD TV #8: PTSD Recovery Workshop

Welcome to this week’s PTSD Recovery Workshop! Today Brad and I talked about “2nd Darts”… Here’s what we cover… What are 1st and 2nd darts and how are they the cause of all your suffering How to stop suffering and the negative cycles How to actually change and “sculpt” your brain’s neural circuits to become… Read More »