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How to avoid making PTSD worse with social media (& 3 Delusions that could cost you everything)

Struggling with PTSD? Check out my 100% free and helpful training here: https://www.overcomingptsd.info/go Have you ever wondered why you go on social media to find help for your PTSD but always leave feeling worse off? I put together this video training to answer that question exactly. It’s all about how to avoid making PTSD worse… Read More »

PTSD Myth: "PTSD Never Gets Healed, It just goes into remission until it comes back"

Register for our FREE PTSD recovery training here: https://www.overcomingptsd.info/go Does PTSD ever heal, or does it go into remission just to come out later in life? The answer is clear, but for many it’s not. Register for our FREE PTSD recovery training here: https://www.overcomingptsd.info/go Source: Youtube

PTSD MYTH: "Healing Takes a lot of time"

Register for our FREE PTSD recovery training here: https://www.overcomingptsd.info/go “If it is possible to heal PTSD, it’s going to take me years if not decades” I hear this way too often and on this episode of PTSD TV Brad and I debunk the harmful myth that healing PTSD takes a lot of time and show… Read More »

How reading these popular PTSD books can actually hurt your recovery

Book a FREE PTSD recovery consultation with our team here: https://www.overcomingptsd.info/call Me: “What are you currently doing to help yourself heal?” Someone still suffering with PSTD: “I’m reading The Body Keep The Score & Complex PTSD: From Surviving to Thriving” I hear this ALL the time… But did you know that these books (and lots… Read More »

The only 3 things that matter: Episode 3 – How to Heal PTSD from Home

This episode is called “The Only 3 Things That Matter”. When it comes to PTSD recovery people LOVE to confuse and complicate things… You don’t need 1,000 types of therapy, a dozen doctor appointments, or more complexity… There are only 3 things you need to focus on in order to fully recover… This episode is… Read More »

The Path To True Freedom: Episode 1 – How to Heal PTSD from Home

Book a FREE PTSD recovery consultation with our team here: https://www.overcomingptsd.info/call This is the first episode of my brand new PTSD mini-series, “How To Heal PTSD From Home” 🙂 Here’s what we cover in episode 1: 1. Why it’s possible for you to heal regardless of what you’ve been through 2. Why some people never… Read More »

PTSD MYTH #1: It's impossible to heal PTSD, it changes your brain.

Welcome to our first PTSD Myth Marathon episode! Myth #1 is: It’s impossible to heal because PTSD changes your brain. Brad and I are going to go through the top 13 or so myths about PTSD that cause people to feel hopeless and out of control. The first PTSD myth we cover is one that… Read More »

6 Ways to Stay Mentally Healthy In Covid-19 Pandemic | PTSD TV

If you want to learn how to heal PTSD or CPTSD from home checkout my mini-series filmed right here in my living room during this pandemic! http://overcomingptsd.info/mini-series We’re back! Today Brad and I talk about what you can do to keep your mind and body sharp during this COVID-19 crisis. This is a hard time… Read More »

Coping with PTSD & coronavirus, why you shouldn't panic

A lot of talk (and fear-mongering) has been spread the past weeks, and I wanted to clear things up for you. Every week I do a live Q&A for all my clients and one question asked was about how to handle these stressful times. My answer was you don’t have to be stressful! I also… Read More »

The 4 Commitments For A Successful PTSD Relationship | PTSD TV Relationships

Are you committed to your healing? What does commitment mean to you? To us commitment means that you remove all other options from the table…you stop dabbling and you go all in and hold nothing back. It’s time to commit to yourself, your healing, your relationship, and to never giving up until you fully recover.… Read More »

How To Generate Energy From Thin Air | PTSD TV Monday Motivation

What do you do when you’re overwhelmed, exhausted, and have zero energy? That’s a problem most people have…PTSD overwhelms your brain and makes you feel exhausted. It’s vital to have a strategy and routine in place to ensure that your generating energy every single day. You want to have a system in place to get… Read More »

STOP Trying To Heal Your Relationship From PTSD | PTSD TV Relationships

When you have 2 hurt people coming together trying to solve problems nothing gets better… Usually things end up worse…more fights, holes in walls, and closed off hearts. It’s because 99% of people focus on healing their relationship…and this is all wrong! Things don’t get better until you heal each individual. You need to spend… Read More »

How To Use Your "Built In Success Mechanism" To Recover From PTSD | PTSD TV Book Club

Today Brad and I talk about the book “Psycho Cybernetics” and how you can program your mind for full recovery from PTSD. Your mind is like a machine, one that automatically strives to achieve any goal it’s fed. The problem here is that most of us feed our minds with negative goals through worry and… Read More »