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You Are Not Alone: Post-Traumatic Growth | Inside Youth Mental Health | KET

This video segment originally appeared in the program, “Trauma and Toxic Stress,” part of the KET series, “You Are Not Alone,” focusing on youth mental health. More than 20 years ago, Melinda Moore’s life was permanently altered when her husband died by suicide. That traumatic event led Moore to pursue a career in psychology with… Read More »

Murphy Williamson | Riddled with PTSD

Murphy Williamson was merely 17 when he joined the Marine Corps. His first week in country, he witnessed a night patrol get ambushed by North Vietnamese Army troops. He immediately transferred out of that unit to the rifle platoon and became a machine gunner, which he did for the rest of his tour. It wasn’t… Read More »

Erin’s journey to joy and friendship

Post-traumatic stress disorder affects non-veterans just as it affects veterans. Erin has never served in the military; however, her life experiences lead to a PTSD diagnosis. Living with PTSD is difficult for her. Meeting Team Red, White & Blue has helped Erin rediscover the joy of friendships. Source: Youtube