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Arielle Schwartz : Trauma Recovery and Post-Traumatic Growth

Dr. Arielle Schwartz is a clinical psychologist, author, teacher, and widely sought-out voice in the healing of trauma and complex trauma. She offers workshops for therapists on EMDR and somatic therapy, and maintains a private practice in Boulder, Colorado. She has written a book called The Post-Traumatic Growth Guidebook, and with Sounds True, has created… Read More »

PTSD: Identifying Risk and Current and Future Interventions

Each month The Brain & Behavior Research Foundation hosts a Meet the Scientist Webinar featuring a researcher discussing the latest findings related to mental illness. In September, 2021, the Foundation featured Dr. Victoria B. Risbrough of the University of California San Diego. Description: Although most of us will be exposed to at least one traumatic… Read More »

What does trauma cause? “5 Effects” – Episode 165

Many of the effects of childhood trauma do not show up until later in life. When I noticed them in my life, I didn’t know what they were from. It is only been recently that I understood a part of what that causes it in an adult. In today’s episode I talk about the five… Read More »

Can Taking Too Much Ambien Can Kill You?

Can Taking Too Much Ambien Can Kill You? High doses of zolpidem regularly can prompt a lethal result. To fully recover from Ambien can be time-consuming, but a medical detox program can provide medical treatment and clinical care for the individuals going through Ambien withdrawal. Does someone you love suffer from a drug addiction? Don’t… Read More »

Top 5 Reasons That Narcissists Reject Us Sexually

In today’s video Jill explains why Narcissists withhold love and affection and reject us sexually. If this has happened to you, and left you confused and hurt, then today’s video is for you. Jill Wise, otherwise known as The Enlightened Target, is a life long survivor of narcissistic abuse. She was raised by a malignant… Read More »

Labour MP on living with PTSD

Nadia Whittome quit university to become a care worker and then a Member of Parliament, and was voted into the House of Commons at just 23 years of age. But her struggle with her mental health meant she had to take sick leave for a few months this summer after suffering from PTSD. This is… Read More »

Is MDMA psychiatry’s antibiotic? | Ben Sessa | TEDxUniversityofBristol

This TEDx talk explores the practice of MDMA Psychotherapy, illustrated with the life-story of a fictional typical patient. We owe it to this population of vulnerable, untreated patients with unremitting mental disorders due to psychological trauma, to explore MDMA Therapy as potential new treatment for the future of psychiatric medicine. Ben Sessa is a consultant… Read More »

My Beautiful Trauma: Post Traumatic Perspective | Sam Stephen | TEDxAberdeen

Sam Stephen began his professional training in contemporary dance and classical ballet at the Scottish School of Contemporary Dance, Dundee and went on to complete his training in Musical Theatre at TTC, Essex. Since graduating, Sam has worked around the world performing on stages in North America and Europe. Parallel to a performing career, Sam… Read More »

Lose The Parachute!

What is going on warriors!! Title of this video is “Lose The Parachute” because in addiction we hold on to things we think are keeping us safe, things that have numbed our pain for a long time, things that are comfortable. Comfort keeps us stuck were we are, it isn’t until we are uncomfortable that… Read More »

How does gratitude help when going through hard times?

Are you struggling right now in life? Then this video is a must to watch! you will learn four key things that will help you when struggling with your mental health. #gratitude #mindfulness #selflove #mentalhealth #ptsd #anxiety #addiction #recovery #journaling #support #struggling #stigma #depression# #positivity #gratefulness adhd alcoholism anxiousness covid drug addiction family support friend… Read More »

Top 10 Personality Traits A Narcissist Looks For In A Target

In today’s video we are discussing the Top 10 personality and character traits that a narcissist looks for in a target. Jill Wise, otherwise known as The Enlightened Target, is a life long survivor of narcissistic abuse. She was raised by a malignant narcissist and married to a malignant narcissist, she has endured years of… Read More »

How to cope with COVID when you have a mental illness.

If your mental health has been struggling due to COVID then you must watch this video! #covid #mentalhealth #howtocopewithcovid #ptsd #ptsdgrowth #breakthestigma #anxiety #anxiousness #depression #addiction #recovery #strugglingwithmentalhealth #mindfulness #coping #risingphoenix Source: Youtube


Yoga Nidra, an ancient practice from India, brings us to a rich state of awareness where the mind releases constrictions as it reconnects to the Divine self. Yoga Nidra specifically targets the central nervous system, creating a sacred container for the body, mind and spirit to do its natural healing. Find a comfortable place to… Read More »