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PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Your (Mental Health), 2020.

It is not uncommon to be fearful, nervous, or even shocked from experiencing and feeling traumatized due to the circumstances of dangerous and hazardous activities. Be aware that PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can develop from being in a shocking, alarming, scary, horrible, or dangerous situation for a long period of time. For the… Read More »

Safety with dating. Emotional and physical safety. Bipolar, PTSD.

My name is Xanthe Wyse. Diagnosed bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), social anxiety disorder. I recorded a video earlier today showing some of my pre-date thoughts with anxiety and avoidance. This is some of my post-date thoughts. With respects to safety. I tend to attract and be attracted to polar extremes of either emotionally… Read More »

Pet Purpose – Chapter 1 – No Rainbow Bridge

My name is Xanthe Wyse. Diagnosed bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), social anxiety disorder. Terrified of releasing Pet Purpose (my novel – 6 years in the making inspired by my personal journey yet changed). Terrified of the ridicule as revealing deeper parts. The novel is connected to the paintings. Pet Purpose has mature themes… Read More »

Overcoming Relationship PTSD

We all know a bad relationship can wreak havoc on our lives, from our self-esteem to our goals and dreams. But most of us don’t know that the effects of a bad relationship can linger long after the break up. Yes, relationship PTSD is a real thing! PTSD (or post-traumatic stress disorder) is not just… Read More »

Friends with benefits, vulnerability, bipolar, PTSD, autism, pressure of speech, anxiety

My name is Xanthe Wyse. Current diagnoses: bipolar disorder (type 1), post-traumatic stress disorder (childhood presentation with mainly avoidance & shutdowns), social anxiety disorder. Apologies if you can’t make out what I’m saying as speaking so fast. This is combination of elavated mood (hypomania tending towards mania) and anxiety (about talking about this topic). Even… Read More »

TRUTH? or DARE? Empaths GASLIGHTED Mental Health MISDIAGNOSED High Conflict Bipolar BPD INFP

🎧PODCAST: She Dances In The Rain is a vocal expression conceived by Iset Asanté #IsetTheMic 🌍COMMUNITY: https://www.facebook.com/IsetReflects/ 💻PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/Iset 📗Code of Ethics Research Links: 🤔Can Therapists Tell Your Bznz? https://bit.ly/31Yiya6 🧐A.C.A. https://bit.ly/340Pwcg 🤔A.P.A. https://bit.ly/30UXjGz 🧐Morality & Psychology https://bit.ly/2DW20aq 🤔Ethics & Therapy: https://bit.ly/2CqRs2o 🤗Greetings Powerful Beings, my intentions are Learning, Restoring & Sharing via the Guiding… Read More »

Coping with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) – Sisterhood Podcast Interview

In this episode of the Sisterhood Podcast I came on to chat with Laura all about my experience with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I discuss what PTSD is, how I experienced an abusive relationship and sexual assault. I talk about how I learned to manage my PTSD and what life is like dating with a… Read More »

12 signs you might be suffering from PTSD

Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD) refers to a state in which we are severely impacted in the present by emotional neglect in our childhoods. The symptoms include high anxiety, low self-esteem, a constant sense of dread – and (often) difficulty being able to sleep. By learning more about our condition, we can (probably through… Read More »

7 Signs Of Unhealed Relationship Trauma

Unhealed relationship trauma is far deeper than you being relationship-challenged. The difference between trauma and stressful situations is subtle but important. Stressful situations end and leave fewer exit wounds than in traumatic situations. A traumatic situation involves a great deal of fear, terror, and powerlessness. The stress involved in a traumatic situation tends to be… Read More »

Spoken Word – Play Thing (PTSD & Ice Cream Cone)

This poem is about how something as simple as an Ice Cream cone can take on radically different meanings. When you think of an ice cream cone what do you think of? Innocence? Childhood? Summer? Maybe simply a sweet treat… To me an ice cream cone became a trigger. A reminder all the times I… Read More »

Relation Advice | The Psychology of Relationships | Cabir Chaudhary

#RelationshipAdvice #PsychologyWithCabirCh To SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6DmbxAQ3g8k9D4J21DpTaQ?sub_confirmation=1 Get Online Help from Cabir Ch for Relationship | Love Addiction | Break Up | Engagement | Marriage | Divorce | Depression | Anxiety | Stress | Panic Disorder | Anger | Bipolar Disorder | Sleep | Obsessive Compulsive Disorder | OCD | Phobias | Social Phoia | Personality Disorder… Read More »