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Suffer From PTSD Because Of Family? Ways To Detox & Distance – Psychotherapy Crash Course

In this video, I discuss ways to detox and distance yourself from unhealthy, unstable family who may have had a traumatic impact on you. I welcome your comments and questions! *NOTE I’m working on posting the scales/questionnairrs on my website soon. But you can also Google the 2 terms below and download the pdf to… Read More »

Moving Beyond my CPTSD Symptoms // Proactive Resilience Ep. 2

Hello, resilient soul! Today I share my experienced effects and symptoms of CPTSD ~ Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Share yours here, at this safe-place support forum I created for you to find release and community: http://resilientchildren.proboards.com/ Tomorrow I am going to share how I’ve moved beyond so many of these symptoms! Come back for… Read More »

Divided Brain Clinic: Trauma and Resilience

In this session, Dr Iain McGilchrist investigates trauma and resilience. He outlines the origins of the diagnosis of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and discusses important findings from the report from which PTSD was based. Dr McGilchrist examines the Trauma Model, exploring its applications and limitations. He illuminates the notion that we are not merely the… Read More »

"PTSD and Complex PTSD: Ways to Bolster Resilience" Seminar with Donald Meichenbaum, Ph.D.

This is a video excerpt featuring Donald Meichenbaum, Ph.D., from his video lecture entitled “PTSD and Complex PTSD: Ways to Bolster Resilience”. For details on the full video and to order, please visit the PESI, Inc. website at www.pesi.com. Source: Youtube

Choices After Trauma

Written by a Clinical Psychologist and a survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse, Trauma Recovery: Sessions with Dr. Matt is a book that helps victims take the actions that lead from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to post-traumatic growth. Stories of finding resilience are told about seven individuals who have been stuck in PTSD but learn from… Read More »

CPTSD: Four Discoveries That Are Revolutionizing Treatment

Now that we know adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) can cause neurological changes, the old, mostly psychological approaches to treating CPTSD are making way for newer, brain-based treatments that hold promise for millions of survivors. In this video I talk about four discoveries that transformed our old understanding of the problem. I describe more effective strategies… Read More »

Elizabeth Smart-6 Things I learned about PTSD/Trauma Resilience

In this video I cover 6 important lessons about resilience in the face of trauma: How PTSD can be prevented through healthy support networks 2 common crises after a traumatic event 3 skills that can help heal trauma, PTSD, and improve mental health and resources that we can all access to be more resilient in… Read More »

The Challenge for Parents with Unresolved Trauma

Secure Attachment is Important to Children It is a challenge for parents with unresolved trauma to raise a baby. They see the baby as themselves and feel the child’s vulnerability. For example, it is essential for a parent who has experienced sexual abuse to get help to overcome this trauma. Parents who are able to… Read More »

What’s the Best Approach to Healing CPTSD?

Millions of people around the world are working to heal their Childhood PTSD (very positive). I’ve noticed there are two general approaches people follow, and in this video I tell you which one is more likely to recover. In one group, people are very in touch with what HAPPENED to them in the past. They… Read More »

Psychological Resilience and Post Traumatic Growth

Re-upload: These videos are meant to uplift and inspire men. If you find yourself ruminating or stuck in the past it’s time to move on, leave the past behind, fix yourself and start living. Music: Samuel Barber, ‘Adagio for strings’. Performed by The Detroit Symphony Orchestra – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CcflwUYYoXk “Working Class Hero” by The Hit Crew… Read More »