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Journaling Done right for the Mentally Ill ( dissociation, ptsd, mental health, etc.)

In this video Amy Laurel tells you the top 5 ways to use journaling for either mental health or just personal use! Get your life more organized with this brief video! You can learn more about me, my backstory, and why I am the right person to tackle this topic at my website http://www.AmyLaurel.com US… Read More »


Is yours a life of trauma and hardship? Do you wonder what could possibly be causing you to have symptoms of trauma when you don’t remember any? Have you spent all your life trying to get to the bottom of why your life keeps being hard and full of strange occurrences or misfortune? Do you… Read More »

TW: A Message For Ritual Abuse Survivors Who Are Struggling During the Holidays

Some potentially triggering topics mentioned include: Satanic ritual abuse and the energy it generates, Mk Ultra/Monarch mind control, dissociative identities, post-traumatic stress, flooding, deprogramming, healing energy, holidays, grief, romantic relationships, homelessness, codependence, shame, fear, meditation, torture, forced “perpetration,” innet child, multi-gendered dissociative parts, materialism We also used some words and phrases that may be particularly… Read More »

TW: For Allies – An Introduction to MK ULTRA Pt 1

Hi everyone, this is part one of yet another series we are doing, in which we will be attempting to help those who are struggling to understand what MK ULTRA is and how it operates. In this video, we explain our intentions for this series and why we haven’t done this before. Trigger warning: background… Read More »

Reiki Healing For Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) & Spirit Attachment

My website : http://alfiesabsenthealing.wix.com/home Spirits like energy attach themselves to us via our magnetic aura fields, for further information on Spirit Release and how to detach yourself through therapy go check out Dr Terrence Palmer Website – http://www.tjpalmer.org/spirit-release-therapy/ and Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/spiritofsciencepossession/ Source: Youtube