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THE TRUE PTSD EXPERIENCE!! | Rising Storm 2: Vietnam MEGA SERVER Gameplay

MY GOD. Attacking the ‘F’ point on Firebase Georgina while in the MEGA SERVER is one of the greatest RS2 experiences you can have! The Mega Server supports 100+ player matches and is a glorious struggle. Enjoy! 😀 ►► Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Playlist ►► Rising Storm 2: VIETNAM is the sequel to PC Gamer’s… Read More »

The Rising Storm Experience – Episode 2: Miniature PTSD

fuggin commies —————————————– Credits: driver – the eye of truth Joji & Rei Brown – Once in A While Laura Shigihara – Plants vs. Zombies Soundtrack PizzaPiratez – Drawing of my ROBLOX character —————————————– Thanks for watching my content! Twitter: https://twitter.com/DeltaMagnatude Tumblr: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/deltamagnatude (currently inactive) Source: Youtube