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Pat Ogden on the Essential First Step When Treating Trauma

In the Essential First Step When Treating Trauma, Pat Ogden PhD shares one of her first main goals when working with clients who have experienced trauma. Pat is the creator of Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, as well as one of the world’s top experts in PTSD and trauma treatment. And one of her first strategies is to… Read More »

How to Rebuild Secure Attachment After Trauma

In How to Rebuild Secure Attachment after Trauma, Pat Ogden and Ruth Lanius look at the powerful way that attachment can affect the client’s healing process. They”ll share insights and strategy on working with clients who have a negative attachment history. Pat will look at one approach that can prevent the escalation of PTSD symptoms… Read More »

CPTSD: How to Feel SAFE

When CPTSD is active and our brains/emotions are dysregulated, we can be easily triggered by things that upset us, including things people say or do (or don’t do), things that are shocking, or just everyday stressors. Getting triggered can cost us hours and days of disruption, so the search for a “safe space” can be… Read More »

What Is The Purpose Of Mental Illness?

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Presumptive coverage for work-related PTSD

Amendments to the Workplace Health, Safety and Compensation Act to provide presumptive coverage for work-related post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) for all workers covered under the act will be introduced for second reading in the House of Assembly today. The changes if passed, would come into effect as of July 1, 2019, and mean that a… Read More »

How dogs are helping people living with PTSD

Brought to you by Emma Hammett from First Aid for Life. Subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/user/FirstAidforLife?sub_confirmation=1 Visit our websites: https://firstaidforlife.org.uk/ https://onlinefirstaid.com/ or https://firstaidforpets.net/ First Aid for Life provides online and practical first aid training tailored to your needs. We run scheduled courses in our purpose-built training room in Balham (London, SW12) as well as providing bespoke courses… Read More »

Sanctuary #1 – You Are Safe – ASMR Relaxation Session Dedicated to PTSD Sufferers

Sanctuary is the the first part in what will be an ongoing periodic series dedicated primarily to those who suffer with PTSD. If you don’t suffer with PTSD, of course you are still welcome to enjoy this video. However, it is my goal to provide those that suffer not only with ASMR and relaxation, but… Read More »