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Nervous system and body response to PTSD lesson 2 _Dr. Arielle Schwartz

How to navigate and heal from Posttraumatic Stress Disorder with trauma expert Dr. Arielle Schwartz It is estimated 70% of people will experience at least one traumatic event in their lifetime. Despite this, most people do not understand how untreated trauma affects the mind and body, and those with PTSD often do not know how… Read More »

Why do we get Nightmares? | #aumsum

Nightmares are disturbing dreams that generate feelings of fear and anxiety, abruptly awakening us. On waking, we feel our heart pounding and can usually recollect the nightmare. Nightmares usually occur during the REM stage of sleep. Even though they are more common in children, many adults also experience them. There could be multiple reasons behind… Read More »


Following the tragic events of her school shooting, April suffers from symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder without any way of coping. During a particularly severe panic attack, April’s best friend gives her the secret she’s been looking for–a way to help her heal. Directed by Lauren Friedauer Director of Photography by Sasha Shvachko Shot on… Read More »

How PTSD Develops

You’ve all heard about Pavlov and his dogs? His research serves as a behavioral model for our understanding of how PTSD develops through classical conditioning. Pavlov noticed that when initially holding up and ringing a bell, dogs did not salivate. They only salivated (this is called an Unconditioned Response) to a steak (this is called… Read More »

High School – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Project

High School – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Project Video project highlighting the various aspects and sorrows that occur in a person with PTSD My heart goes out to all the families that deal with this daily. Source: Youtube

Veterans and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

I made this for my second period anthropology, sociology, psychology class due on March 25th 2012. PTSD is a potentially debilitating anxiety disorder triggered by exposure to a traumatic experience such as an interpersonal event like physical or sexual assault, exposure to disaster or accidents, combat or witnessing a traumatic event. There are three main… Read More »

Tho’wayz – A family of CPTSD (Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

This is a documentive story of a lost family. In 2007, the people in this family have separated themselves. Some, as far back as 45 years, without knowing that of the initial 7 children that lived; another 3 grew to adulthood and only 1 had the courage to find them all and the woman who… Read More »