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Healing Trauma and PTSD

A guided meditation that helps you let go of past trauma and the ways in which they continue to affect your daily life. Through this mindfulness-based technique, you will uncover constructive ways of getting in touch with the accumulated pain from your past traumas and release it. Use this meditation as often as necessary until… Read More »


Healing the hurt is the key to healing our world. Our world problems is in outward projection of one hurt person hurting another person. Hurt people hurt other people. If you want to solve the worlds problems, healing the hurt will heal our world. Healed people heal people and they do so much good. Let’s… Read More »

Boris Johnson & James Corden's Love Child Lucien Jack Talks Using Stand Up & Singing For Sanity

15 minutes of F.A.M.E* *FEARLESSLY. ACKNOWLEDGING. MY. EXPERIENCES. This is 15 Minutes Of F.A.M.E, a YouTube series making videos with real people, giving them the opportunity to tell their story. Everyone goes through experiences which become his or her own story. We have stories about ourselves, our abilities, our struggles, our competencies, our actions, our… Read More »

Recovering from Workplace PTSD Audiobook Sample

Review a sample from my new book “Recovering from Workplace PTSD: A Recovery Guide for Mental Health Professionals and PTSD Survivors”. Part of the Workplace Mental Health Series. The book is available for free as part of the free Audible trial or subscription. I’d love to hear your comments. This audiobook is available on Amazon… Read More »

Dr. Jordan Peterson: You Can Have PTSD From Relationships

Thank You For Watching Subscribe for more clips from Dr. Jordan Peterson lectures, interviews, and Q&As For more info about MG check out my website: https://www.wordreal.com/youtube-channel-mg-jordan-peterson-curated-content/ Here is some info on Jordan Peterson along with links where you can find his work, services, books, and social media: Dr. Jordan Peterson is the author of the… Read More »

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) – Symptoms & Causes

In this video, You will know about WHAT IS PTSD ? Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), once called shell shock or battle fatigue syndrome, is a serious condition that can develop after a person has experienced or witnessed a traumatic or terrifying event in which serious physical harm occurred or was threatened. PTSD is a lasting… Read More »