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Introduction to the PTSD Coach app

PTSD Coach is a free and publicly available mobile app for people with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and those interested in learning more about PTSD. It was created by a team at the National Center for PTSD, Department of Veterans Affairs. This app provides users with education about PTSD, information about professional care, a self-assessment… Read More »

Overcome Anxiety | Afifah Khan | TEDxYouth@BrightRidersSchool

Afifah Khan , a grade 12 student is passionate,kind,hardworking and sincere student. She is an excellent student academic wise and also a great public speaker. She mainly likes to write and speak about public issues and difficulties one faces. She will be talking about post traumatic stress disorder and anxiety. Visit: https://www.tedxbrs.org/ A concerned citizen,… Read More »

Purity Culture Gave Me PTSD with “God is Grey,” Brenda Marie Davies

Listen to the full episode here: https://sophiaspallino.com/god-is-grey-purity-culture-gave-me-ptsd/ “Sophia, why am I a full grown adult and still feeling uncomfortable about sex, even if I feel I have gotten over purity culture?”  Let’s ask Brenda Marie Davies, host of the Youtube chanel and podcast, God is Grey. Brenda always opens her show with this line, “Although I… Read More »

10 Tested Ways to Manage Anger, According to NYPD Experts

►How to Manage Anger: Advice From N.Y.P.D. Experts ————————————————————————— 😊Ever wonder how law enforcement officers are able to stay calm, cool and collected during an intense bout on the job? Or how soldiers manage to keep their cool in perilous battle situations? According to experts, anger management is an idiosyncratic process – meaning each person… Read More »

How to recover from Mental Illness : PTSD, Anxiety , Panic Attacks

Today I am discussing Mental Illness and the affect it has you Like * subscribe *comment Follow me: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/therealnicolebritt website: www.nicolewilliams.org tumblr: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/therealnicolebritt Welcome to my channel my name is Nicole Williams. On my channel you are following my life journey after divorce. I want to show women that you can have an amazing… Read More »

Healing In Health/PTSD

#healing #selflove #mentalhealth Healing In Health/PTSD (after narcissistic abuse) Learn to live again…in peace. Like/Share/Comment/Subscribe https://teespring.com/stores/self-love-self-help No copyright infringement intended…Fair use practiced and all rights reserved. Google The Average Editor (Jazz) Source: Youtube

How to Have Extraordinary Growth on Ordinary Days | Marc Cordon | TEDxFarmingdale

Through our ups and downs and all-arounds, it’s critical to have a mental model for your personal growth. Because without it, we put ourselves at the mercy of the tiniest fluctuations in our environment. Marc Cordon presents the five elements of growth that can be applied to posttraumatic growth, imposter syndrome, posttraumatic stress disorder, fear… Read More »

What is Complex-PTSD?

Do you feel unsafe? Are you on high-alert in fear for something negative or traumatic to take place? Within this video I reveal examples of where and how C-PTSD begins, I identify the symptoms, and offer some remedies/solutions to work through the past, the thought patterns, and to be able to talk through and process… Read More »

Healing Trauma and PTSD

A guided meditation that helps you let go of past trauma and the ways in which they continue to affect your daily life. Through this mindfulness-based technique, you will uncover constructive ways of getting in touch with the accumulated pain from your past traumas and release it. Use this meditation as often as necessary until… Read More »