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Self-Sabotage After Narcissistic Abuse

Self-sabotage is a defense mechanism you may have learned from your abuser/s. It’s part of the abuse training where the abuser conditions the target to abuse him/herself. In this video I describe the 5 most common forms of self-sabotage that I see in the particular kind of PTSD/C-PTSD that is caused by abusive relationships. I… Read More »

CPTSD & Attraction to Unavailable People: An Excerpt from my NEW Dating Course (Part 1)

Trauma in childhood can have a lasting impact on our romantic relationships. This is one of two excerpts from one video in my NEW course (there are 27 videos in total), all about our attraction to unavailable and inappropriate people (and how to stop dating them). It ends with a question but don’t worry, the… Read More »

Erase Stress, Trauma, Post Traumatic Stress& Re-awaken Embodiment

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