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Chats with the CEO: Bob Macpherson

In this week’s Chats with the CEO, Titus Herman talks with service dog handler Bob Macpherson. This exceptional veteran risked his life around the world during a 30-year stint with the Marines. In his post-military career leading humanitarian services, Bob worked in more war-torn countries around the globe. Back home, crippling post-traumatic stress disorder robbed… Read More »

I Shopped By Myself For The 1st Time & Had A PTSD Episode!! | March 20th

We didn’t have enough gas to make two trips so we have to do two in one. I ended HAVING to shop by myself for the 1st time in my ENTIRE life. I ended up having a PTSD panic attack due to someone getting in my face. SOCIAL MEDIA Main Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXS5mkXturT0-9qLCsqTDmg Muducea’s Instagram :… Read More »

PTSD Service Dog Task Training!! | Educational

This was a highly requested video that I have been working on for a while. I am so sorry it’s so late, so many thing wen’t wrong in my personal life during the making and editing of this video. I hope you guys enjoy it! I do NOT own any music rights to this video… Read More »

Service Dogs & Veterans with PTSD

I sat down with Dr. Matthew Conner, a psychiatrist in Durham, North Carolina for a panel discussion about the benefits of service dogs for veterans with PTSD while at NC Comicon. First and foremost – Dr. Conner’s costume was awesome! Moving on to the panel – this was recorded live and the discussion was really… Read More »

A PAWSitive Support Project for Veterans with PTSD moment

November 11th, the day we remember and honour our heroes. Across our nation many veterans, soldiers and first responders suffer from flashbacks, depression, anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Medical Service Dogs provide improved physical and emotional well-being and help develop independence. We are fortunate to work with veterans on our research team. We… Read More »

Puppy Carrie – Leashes of Valor

Meet Puppy Carrie… she has recently broken molar that is impacted by the mature tooth & is starting to cause permanent damage & pain. ER SURGERY is needed to extract the baby molar to treat the infection that has begun in her gums where an abscess has formed. . We are working hard to help… Read More »

Soldier’s Service Dog Blissfully Reunites With The Inmate Who Trained Him

See more video: Soldier’s Service Dog Blissfully Reunites With The Inmate Who Trained Him Being in the military takes a lot of strength, bravery and true grit. Some soldiers are away from their loved ones for months and sometimes even years at a time; When they finally return home, some suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder… Read More »