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DISTRESSED (Short Scene About PTSD)

In this short scene we talk about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Towards the last part of the video we talk about some future plans to extend this short scene. More more information we have included links as usual. Disclaimer: *Our videos are here for your Entertainment/Education only, we take no responsibility for any reconstruction of… Read More »

Glass bars summer project (short film)

This is a film about PTSD ( post traumatic stress disorder) and it’s effects on the average person. Some people may be strongly effected by this film so viewer discretion is advised Intro learned by and inspired by: Video Copilot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5O0U8ck2GU&t=83s Let me make something clear EMDR is a relatively new tharipy and it’s effects… Read More »

CAUTION: SPIKES 2 – Horror Comedy Short Film

Six months have passed since big game hunter Jack Peterson went boar hunting on a remote Louisiana island and barely escaped with his life. Struggling with post traumatic stress disorder, he’s haunted by memories of a shape-shifting creature known as Spikes, who tried to kill him and paranormal investigator Penelope Whistlestoff. Just as Jack thinks… Read More »

Harrowing short film on PTSD | What's Wrong With Morris? by Ryan Morris | Short Film | Random Acts

What’s Wrong With Morris? is an honest, intimate portrait of a family suffering in the aftermath of a husband and father who has come back from a war zone. Ryan Morris is an experimental filmmaker who has drawn on his real-life experiences with his father for this short film. Subscribe to Random Acts: https://bit.ly/2OnqXLs #RandomActs… Read More »


Following the tragic events of her school shooting, April suffers from symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder without any way of coping. During a particularly severe panic attack, April’s best friend gives her the secret she’s been looking for–a way to help her heal. Directed by Lauren Friedauer Director of Photography by Sasha Shvachko Shot on… Read More »

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) short film

This short film portrays the story of people who experienced a traumatic event, in this case human trafficking and then suffered the symptoms of PTSD which are the persistent avoidance of stimuli associated to the trauma and dullness. Finally explaining the treatments used to help the person not to feel persecuted by his past and… Read More »

Real – A PTSD Film

Real is finally here… Imagine coming home from war and finding that no one understands how you feel, imagine feeling like you never left that place. Now go on this man’s journey to find out if he can find hope and can his friend help him… Watch and enjoy this short film about PTSD and… Read More »

The Little Things

I just wanted to make this short film as an appreciation video for the random little things in my life that I love. They’re not big or important things but they keep me grounded. I suffer from severe post traumatic stress disorder and I’ve found that “getting excited” for the little routines and treats are… Read More »