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Following the tragic events of her school shooting, April suffers from symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder without any way of coping. During a particularly severe panic attack, April’s best friend gives her the secret she’s been looking for–a way to help her heal. Directed by Lauren Friedauer Director of Photography by Sasha Shvachko Shot on… Read More »

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) short film

This short film portrays the story of people who experienced a traumatic event, in this case human trafficking and then suffered the symptoms of PTSD which are the persistent avoidance of stimuli associated to the trauma and dullness. Finally explaining the treatments used to help the person not to feel persecuted by his past and… Read More »

Real – A PTSD Film

Real is finally here… Imagine coming home from war and finding that no one understands how you feel, imagine feeling like you never left that place. Now go on this man’s journey to find out if he can find hope and can his friend help him… Watch and enjoy this short film about PTSD and… Read More »

The Little Things

I just wanted to make this short film as an appreciation video for the random little things in my life that I love. They’re not big or important things but they keep me grounded. I suffer from severe post traumatic stress disorder and I’ve found that “getting excited” for the little routines and treats are… Read More »

The Sounds of a Soldier – PTSD Short Film

It has hit me through a couple films, stories, and life lessons on how important it is to get help. People suffer with PTSD not just from battle, but from their own hazardous experiences. This short film is intended to spread awareness of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I was inspired to create this short film… Read More »

OCanFilmFest presents Secret War

Secret War follows the emotional journey of two veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Mental illness is a growing issue in the military as suicide has taken more lives than the war Afghanistan. The War Horse Project uses equine therapy to help soldiers find peace and maybe a companion along the way. Shannon Lough, Emanuela… Read More »

Hephner’s Salvation ( A short film about a veteran with PTSD)

A former military sniper is conflicted by the events of his past, and struggling with PTSD, and coping with alcohol Fr. Jeff Hephner only has one question. Is there salvation for a man like him? The film Hephner’s Salvation was the product of a young adult with a passion for the military, and veterans. There… Read More »

PTSD | Dialogue Promo 1 | Kushal Shrivastava | Humaira Manzoor

PTSD is a common medical term that stands for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It is also the name of our upcoming short film. Enjoy this little sneak peek into the movie. Share if you like it. Thanks! Source: Youtube

Marching Alone – 2013 (Short film) Military PTSD

Sgt. Michael Rose, a war veteran and now door-to-door salesman, fights to cope with being discharged due to Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. His loneliness and lack of motivation push him to a psychological dark world to face his biggest fear. Himself. Backstory: Jeremy Johnson and I put this together on a spurt of the moment deal.… Read More »

Mom Writes a Letter to Dr. Phil

This video is part of The Last Sitcom, a multimedia narrative by Jacob Michael King. Jesi’s son, chance, seems like the perfect son. At least he used to seem that way — recently, Jesi has begun to suspect that chance is suffering from mental illness. Before their recent crisis, Chance did everything right. He was… Read More »