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SIGNS – Scott Steele – PTSD Awareness

Signs, a powerful song about the struggles of our veterans and those fighting PTSD. A song meant to shed some light on the homeless veterans and those that truly need our help and support. 1 in 4 homeless men are veterans who have fought and served this country. Many battle with PTSD on a daily… Read More »

Maurice Wisdom Bishop – PTSD "Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder" || Spoken Word Poetry

A spoken word poetry piece about a soldier who suffered with PTSD and confesses to the world Created with MAGIX Video deluxe 2015 Maurice Bishop, a powerful, spoken word Poet currently serving in the United States Army, was raised in South Philly. Witnessing the death of his best friend in a drive-by and being kicked… Read More »

Wounded Heroes Documentary

https://www.woundedheroesdocumentary.com – It’s time for us to be there for those that served us. Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS) among our veterans is a serious problem with over 20 veterans a day taking their lives by suicide. Most are given prescription drugs but as many veterans have said, medication is just a band-aid over a wound that… Read More »

Adults 'put off joining the armed forces' due to fears of PTSD and homelessness

amid fears they will suffer PTSD, struggle to get a job or get a home when they leave.  Figures show many adult civilians have never considered the armed forces as a career route due to concerns around mental health issues and low paying jobs later in life.  People worry about careers in the military because… Read More »

Screen war veterans for PTSD to end 'tragedy' of suicides, retired major demands

A former officer who saw his troops dragged through hell in Afghanistan today demands Government action on PTSD after the suicide of yet another hero.  Retired Major Richard Streatfeild wants all war veterans to be screened for post-traumatic stress disorder in a bid to save hundreds left feeling suicidal.  He spoke after Jamie Davis, 30… Read More »

Meet Amber, the wonder dog who can sense PTSD in military heroes

Meet the newest fighter against post-traumatic stress­ in the forces – Amber the dog.  The eight-year-old terrier cross can sense sadness and distress in people and is now a PTSD awareness dog.  Her owner reckons she has helped save hundreds of lives by comforting people, including his own.  Navy veteran Steve Murphy said: “About eight… Read More »

Army Officer Recovers After Suffering PTSD

ID: 3322902 A haunted war veteran has described how his life was ruined by PTSD – which he says he got from the guilt of working with the families of soldiers who had been injured and killed. Neil Harrison, 49, spent 25 years in the Royal Artillery and saw service in the Gulf, Bosnia, Cyprus… Read More »

Soldier’s Service Dog Blissfully Reunites With The Inmate Who Trained Him

See more video: Soldier’s Service Dog Blissfully Reunites With The Inmate Who Trained Him Being in the military takes a lot of strength, bravery and true grit. Some soldiers are away from their loved ones for months and sometimes even years at a time; When they finally return home, some suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder… Read More »

Breaking the Silence – Episode 5

August 2019 update from Funker: If you would like to ask me any questions, or join our veteran community on Twitch, I stream live Mon-Fri at https://twitch.tv/Funker. You’ll find that most people in chat are veterans, and it’s a chill place to hang out for a few hours each day if you feel like connecting… Read More »