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The Next Generation of American Warfighter

The most valuable weapon system on the battlefield is our Soldiers. In order to invest in the next generation of the American warfighter, we will prevent, prepare and educate. #USArmy | #Readiness | #ArmyFitness About the U.S. Army: The Army Mission – our purpose – remains constant: To deploy, fight and win our nation’s wars… Read More »

K9 Industry Maven On Military Working Dogs and Service Dogs – The FACTS

In this episode, Danique Masingill, President and Co-Founder of Leashes of Valor, discusses everything K9. She goes into a brief history of Military Working Dogs and the unspoken government regulations around it. She touches on how Military Working Dogs were used in the early days of GWOT and are still being used today. Danique also… Read More »

PTSD / Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

In this video, I break down the various elements that compose PTSD, or post traumatic stress disorder. Discussed are what PTSD is, common traumatic events that cause it, symptoms to look for, coping mechanisms, and examples that I have experienced in my childhood and military life, respectively. I recommend anyone who sees this video that… Read More »

AWESOME! American Patriot Gary Sinise Launches New Initiative With Home Depot Founders

Enjoy The Healthy Aging Support of Collagen! http://healthwithgary.com This is my FAV trusted source ^^^^ Get more at http://NextNewsNetwork.com Sub to Gary’s NEW Podcast on YouTube here: https://nnn.is/subscribe-to-G-Cast Sub to Gary’s original YouTube Channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7hGbKgaf_DK3w_gwQweICg?sub_confirmation=1 Sub to the Next News Youtube Channel here: http://nnn.is/Sub-to-N3 Get on our Email list! http://nnn.is/email-newsletter-next-news Check out Gary’s Kid’s… Read More »

Soldier Hasn’t Seen Best Friend In 2 Yrs Watch What Happens When They’re Finally Reunited

Soldier Hasn’t Seen Best Friend In 2 Yrs Watch What Happens When They’re Finally Reunited ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ Wonderbot Animals is your destination for all things animal on the web, yes, we have cat videos, dog videos, bird videos and may more! So SUBSCRIBE NOW and join the team that brings you closer to the most beloved,… Read More »


I wanted to say THANK YOU to all who have served! And giving us the FREEDOM to live our life in America as we do. While no country is perfect, we have the best way of life in the free world! Song can be found here on my BAND CAMP page! https://trashbagfullofdeadbabies.bandcamp.com/album/thank-you-for-your-service-87-455 Source: Youtube

Solider On The verge of Ending His Life Hears A Whisper from bushes That Changes His Life Forever

SOLDIER ON THE VERGE OF ENDING LIFE HEARS A WHISPER FROM THE BUSHES THAT CHANGES HIS LIFE FOREVER Scout made Josh so happy and positive that the soldier decided he would propose his then-girlfriend Becky. Becky knew Josh since a long time and she had been waiting for the moment. She said yes to the… Read More »

Incoming PTSD

Whether we agree with each other about what is actually happening regarding covid isn’t important. How we care for each other is. After having several chats with friends that are either doctors or nurses, there is one thing that is very clear….there is trauma. Like human soldiers on the battle field, the medical profession seems… Read More »