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EMPATHS & Condescension HIGH CONFLICT Misdiagnosed? SYMPTOMATIC Mental Health HSP Anxiety INFP PTSD

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Magical thinking and associations with bipolar mania and hypomania.

Diagnosed bipolar 1 disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Currently hypomania after trigger (losing close friend). In this video, I tell you just some of the many links in associations my brain has made in just one day during hypomania. When I am manic, my mind believes in it more. I am on meds to… Read More »

Sexual and emotional healing journey after trauma

I have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). I have been sharing the stages of this painting which I think I will call Reborn as it is about myself metaphorically dying and coming back to life with a journey of transformation via creativity. Even though I am not a religious person,… Read More »

Religion, spirituality, bipolar, trauma, PTSD

I used to be a Christian. I am now non-religious and agnostic leaning atheist. I don’t often talk about religion as it has been a hugely triggering topic for me. I give a few of the reasons why I am bothered by religion. I found a lot of it to be psychologically abusive and controlling.… Read More »

PTSD: A Memory Disorder with demonic reminders

Recovery from PTSD and recognizable demonic reminders of traumatic event (s). Regarding Addictions as a response to fear of past (PTSD) memories, this video is specific to this setup. You begin to fear your own addiction as an ‘evil’ bully / threat, and this fear itself creates more addictive behavior without proper coping skills and… Read More »

The Look of PTSD

You may think I’m conceited; You may think I’m a douchebag; You may think I’m a creep; You may think I’m an asshole; ~ All because I keep my cap and sunglasses on wherever I go. ~ Listen to why; listen to what they have become; ~ Then, make your judgements about the look of… Read More »


Post traumatic disorder is not as black and white as many people may thing. It can come from a seemingly simple or small event, what has been said, done, or experienced by the individual. Because of these events, it may cause people to avoid, feel angry, upset, disappointed, may start to self blame and feel… Read More »


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