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Living With Depression + PTSD

Part 1 of my depression story. Part 2 will be about PPD. I didn’t want to go into too much detail or talk about all my trauma because that would make for a super long video. I believe it is very important to talk about mental health issues and for people who have experienced or… Read More »

Story: The time I was shot and had bad PTSD + Dinner with friends in SHANGHAI

Thanks so much for watching!! Have you seen this video??? 45 Days in Tokyo // vlogmas day 8/9/10/11 https://youtu.be/atXudqzrRMg My travel bag Use code: “MJ20” for 20% OFF! https://www.highspiritbags.com/ Instagram @maryjanebyarm ⇢ email: maryjanebyarm@gmail.com hotel: https://www.hotelzen.jp/ja/ thanks so much for watching! Hit subscribe to keep up with the daily Tokyo videos all November !!! ⇢… Read More »

-why I have PTSD & why I can’t go home-

Hi. This video was hard, but I think it is very empowering to remember what you have gone through and to overcome it. I decided to take back my own narrative, and I also felt led to share this with you. Why? Maybe you are watching this with your own trauma and maybe we should… Read More »

STORYTIME: I was diagnosed with PTSD in the sixth grade

Hey guys!! Todays video is a little bit of a more serious storytime about something that happened to my mom in 6th grade, kindof a hard one to tell, but still hope you guys enjoy. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ MY SOCIAL MEDIA: *Instagram: @richelle.knupps https://www.instagram.com/richelle.knupps/ *Twitter: @richelleknupps (no period) Tweets by RichelleKnupps *Snapchat: @richelle.knupps Check out my experiences… Read More »

If Males Lived With BEARS?! : PTSD Thread

PTSD patient talking about rebuilding trust with males after violence & trauma. In the most random, rambly of ways. Mostly talking about bears. Don’t worry. It’s a metaphor. Mary here & hope you enjoyed this slight insanity rant/realisation. Welcome to my brain. It always works like this. Like if you wanna see more vids about… Read More »

STORYTIME: "MY PRISON EXPERIENCE & PTSD" #mentalhealth #screwstigmaproject

Speaker: Afton (@aftonlynnruthless) Speaking about her experience dealing with prison and the aftermath. Screw Stigma & the #screwstigmaproject is a group of advocates spreading mental health awareness and overall wellbeing. Mental health over the years has become a more comfortable thing to talk about but it is still widely misunderstood and made to be an… Read More »

Prison and PTSD

What’s up everyone! In this video I’m just kind of venting about how 10 years in Prison really took a toll on me and how it’s effected my everyday life.. even after 10 years of being free! With this, you all can see that for some people serving time their sentences continues outside the gates… Read More »