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STORYTIME: "MY PRISON EXPERIENCE & PTSD" #mentalhealth #screwstigmaproject

Speaker: Afton (@aftonlynnruthless) Speaking about her experience dealing with prison and the aftermath. Screw Stigma & the #screwstigmaproject is a group of advocates spreading mental health awareness and overall wellbeing. Mental health over the years has become a more comfortable thing to talk about but it is still widely misunderstood and made to be an… Read More »

Prison and PTSD

What’s up everyone! In this video I’m just kind of venting about how 10 years in Prison really took a toll on me and how it’s effected my everyday life.. even after 10 years of being free! With this, you all can see that for some people serving time their sentences continues outside the gates… Read More »

My PTSD/Domestic abuse story

(WARNING) – VERY TRIGGERING VIDEO (PTSD) I thought after 5 years, I would finally be brave enough to share my story. Yes I stuggle everyday from PTSD, and anxiety disorder. I fight it everyday, yes I was domestically abused and I went on a huge rampage, these 2 things are connected because I stuggle everyday.… Read More »

My Mental Illness | The Lesson I Learned About Chronic PTSD Anxiety

I have PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). Depending on how long you’ve been following me you probably now this about me. I experienced child abuse (physical, mental and sexual) much of my childhood which I may talk about in more detail in a later video when I am ready. In this video I talk about a… Read More »

Vlogmas Day 11– PTSD Panic Attack, Strike, And Last Day Of The Semester!!!

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Getting Crafty for Christmas| Vlogmas Day 1 |Why am I called Poking Holes?

I’m going to put the fun back into the Christmas Season! This is my 3rd No-Contact Christmas. I will be uploading Vlogmas videos on weekdays. In case you are wondering, in the video when I am crocheting with earbuds in, I am listening to Sam Vaknin’s new video, “To Be Seen”. I recommend listening to… Read More »

story time i have ptsd | TW: what caused it and how it affects me

story time i have ptsd | what caused it and how it affects me ***Trigger Warning – gun violence, drugs, teen pregnancy, and probably some other things??*** _____________________________________ I don’t normally make videos like this but I hope it will somehow help me get over the stuff that has happened to me in the past.… Read More »