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PTSD | Short Film

She lives her life normally, but… the past still haunts her as the glass breaks and triggers traumatic memories. Hai guysss AM backk wid another short film. This was our remedial for our subject in Christian Education and we had to create films about depression and its different types. We hope you enjoy! 😀 Source:… Read More »

Billy Joe Steeples FMP A Tender Observation

A Tender Observation This is my 3rd year final major project in Performance Media at the University of South Wales, Cardiff. The subject was based on mental health issues, ranging from PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder) anxiety and depression. Filmed on location at Ten Mill Lane, Cardiff. Disclaimer: “Stuck in the middle with you” soundtrack… Read More »

Hephner’s Salvation ( A short film about a veteran with PTSD)

A former military sniper is conflicted by the events of his past, and struggling with PTSD, and coping with alcohol Fr. Jeff Hephner only has one question. Is there salvation for a man like him? The film Hephner’s Salvation was the product of a young adult with a passion for the military, and veterans. There… Read More »

Living Yesterday: A Look at PTSD

(Warning: Triggering Content) FOR AN UPDATE (12/9/2012) SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM. Filmed and edited by me for my Abnormal Psychology class, Living Yesterday explores life with PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). This documentary is meant to provide general information about the disorder through a personal story: my personal story. With footage from the University of South… Read More »