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Veteran Suicide Mental Health Discussion

This is a Video that needed to be done, in this video, we talk about the very serious mental health issues that veterans face. the veteran suicide rate has gone up, and veteran suicide awareness and suicide prevention have become a taking point we can no longer avoid. We tackle this mental health discussion from… Read More »

PTSD: Stress and Resilience

In the last decade, the United States has experienced a series of man-made and natural disasters. Large numbers of people in this country have been exposed to potentially traumatic events. This video focuses on NIMH research in the areas of traumatic stress reactions and specifically mental health issues among U.S. service members. What we learn… Read More »

#5 Fire Survivor Annette Swann benefits from TUF Minds App

Surviving through horrendous burns, Annette Swann suffered Post Traumatic Stress and used the TUF Minds processes to heal and recover. Hear also how the systems made a huge difference to her family, relationships and personal lives. The bottom line is that EVERYBODY needs the TUF Minds App! Read the details of the whole story in… Read More »

Youth At Risk Heals PTSD Naturally – Testimonial

www.campmyway.com Camp My Way is a registared Non Profit Society . visit our Go Fund Me ttps://www.gofundme.com/camp-my-way-foundation-support Facebook – Camp My Way Insta – @campmyway Founder / CEO – Terrance Joseph Kosikar Facebook – Terrance Kosikar Official Insta – terrancejosephkosikar Source: Youtube

Overcoming PTSD Trainer, Army Suicide Prevention Speaker, Mental Images

Overcoming PTSD Trainer, Army Suicide Prevention Speaker, Mental Images http://www.PaulFDavis.com/soldier-suicide-prevention-speaker 89 nations touched, 50+ books (RevivingNations@yahoo.com) http://amzn.to/2knQ4mh army suicide prevention speaker, overcoming ptsd trainer for life skills training and life-changing messages that awaken all ages, sober the soul, heart and mind to change, transform and save lives. Source: Youtube

Mom Writes a Letter to Dr. Phil

This video is part of The Last Sitcom, a multimedia narrative by Jacob Michael King. Jesi’s son, chance, seems like the perfect son. At least he used to seem that way — recently, Jesi has begun to suspect that chance is suffering from mental illness. Before their recent crisis, Chance did everything right. He was… Read More »

Coping With PTSD 1 Year After Las Vegas Mass Shooting

Shannon Walker, Founder of Northwest Battle Buddies LIVE on the radio in Fort Wayne, Indiana on 1190 WOWO. Northwest Battle Buddies is a nonprofit that provides service dogs for Veterans with PTSD. ✔ Northwest Battle Buddies Social Media ➤WEBSITE: http://northwestbattlebuddies.org ➤FACEBOOK: https://facebook.com/NorthwestBattleBuddies ➤TWITTER: https://twitter.com/nwbbwa Source: Youtube

Josh Hansen: A Ten Minute Window

Sergeant Josh Hansen, the cofounder of Continue Mission, is working to help veterans manage post-traumatic stress disorder and other conditions. He urges veterans to temporarily hand over firearms if they’re struggling, and says that intervening during a ten-minute window can save lives. Read the full article here: Uncommon Ground Source: Youtube

Veterans and PTSD: Challenging the Misconceptions

There are many misconceptions about Veterans and PTSD. Understanding what we really know can help Veterans connect with the services they need to live a better life. Clinical Research Psychologist, Dr. Suzanne McGarity from the Rocky Mountain MIRECC for Suicide Prevention describes what research shows about Veterans and PTSD. Learn more a the National Center… Read More »