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PTSD Awareness and Suicide Prevention: EMS Roaddocs

Guy Minshall, president of the EMS Roaddocs motorcycle club rides to raise awareness for mental health. The numbers for suicide and those struggling with PTSD are alarming. Through the Code Green campaign, the EMS Roaddocs aim to change those statistics within their community. Code Green Campaign: http://codegreencampaign.org/ Donate to Code Green: http://curvaceouschivers.storenvy.com/products/12161925-cant-come-donate-anyway-mail-me-free-event-shirt EMS Roaddocs: http://www.emsroaddocs.com/… Read More »

S02E45 Hero Segment Fishing as Therapy for PTSD with Matt and Paul Part Two

Fishing and other outdoor activities are often a great way to relieve stress. Hear Matt Witkowski of @flying_fish_hooks and Paul Roy of @fishing4therapy talk about their favorite fishing stories, how fishing has helped them manage their post active service world and what they are doing to share that with other Heroes. I apologize upfront for… Read More »

Ben Farinazzo supporting Lifeline Canberra Gala 2019 (Credit: AHC Studios)

Ben Farinazzo, Lifeline Ambassador An excerpt from Keynote Speech at Lifeline Gala 2019 (Full story available on Lifeline podcast soon) Theme: An evening in the clouds Held at National Arboretum Canberra Visit AHC Studios at: www.ahcstudios.com.au Biography: Ben Farinazzo overcame seemingly insurmountable odds on his inspiring journey to victory at Invictus Games 2018. He battled… Read More »

PTSD is real! This is my story and why you should also get help.

blogtalkradio.com/thealchemyoflife coachrenz.com/the-store urpoapcorn.com patreon.com/coachrenz $larenzoreid Coach Renz will arm you with the tools and know how to manifest your greatest desires, to live your greatest life. Over the years Coach Renz has guided thousands of people, just like you, towards achieving their life’s goals and purpose. ​​During Larenzo’s time in the US Marine Corps, he… Read More »

Team UpRize – Changes (Official Video)

#teamuprize 2019 Uprize Ent. From the upcoming UpRize Entertainment compilation.This song is about a man Nicknamed ‘Reign” who struggles with debilitating P.T.S.D, and the way that it has affected him and all of those around him. After 18 months of battling and overcoming an addiction to painkillers, He had suffered a nervous breakdown. One that… Read More »

Chatter with Umatter Ep 1 PTSD

Interns Brandon Cross and Eli Lacayo talk in our first ever Umatter Podcast about PTSD and their experiences. PTSD can come in many forms and can be caused by a range of traumatic events. Cross and Eli share their stories, and hope to spread awareness. Source: Youtube

BSW-Closing the Door to Suicide-Helping Navy Seals and Their Families with PTSD-BSW

Specialized in Helping Navy Seals and Their Families http://cholladaylifecoaching.com Suicide is increasing at an alarming rate in the United States. It is time to address this as the problem that it is. Until we as a nation recognize this it will continue to rise. This risk of suicide is much higher in those that have… Read More »

ACRONYM: The Cross-Generational Battle With PTSD

22/75 Twenty two U.S. veterans takes their lives EVERY DAY. Seventy five veterans attempt suicide EVERY DAY. One, is too many! From the beginning of war, those thrust onto the field of battle have gone through their own levels of mental trauma. ACRONYM takes an in-depth and personal look at those who are experiencing, suffering… Read More »

Veteran Suicide Mental Health Discussion

This is a Video that needed to be done, in this video, we talk about the very serious mental health issues that veterans face. the veteran suicide rate has gone up, and veteran suicide awareness and suicide prevention have become a taking point we can no longer avoid. We tackle this mental health discussion from… Read More »