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VATAWC 0044 a Topic Unknown revealed to be about PTSD at 9:10. I want to see you all soon!

VATAWC 0044 Unknown topic to be about PTSD un 9:10. I want to see you all soon! Below are the links I promised in the video. Also, I knew most people were wondering what this video was “really about” as I vented. I gave it away at 9:10. VATAWC 0011 – Red Flags from Negative… Read More »

ASMR Boyfriend Roleplay – Comfort for PTSD (M4A)

You’re watching a movie with your boyfriend when suddenly things take a darker turn… This video was a request from one of my subscribers. I hope I did service with this. Personally, I wanted to avoid making it sound too much like my panic attack video, and I did try to conduct my research, but… Read More »

McCREA 2018 Charity Golf event did some BIG things for Melwood !

“Peace with the Past, through Power in the Present”. The Global War on Terror has produced more than a half million American veterans with service-related injuries. This is in addition to the pre-9/11 era veteran population, many of whom are still struggling with service-related trauma. Thousands of these men and women are coping with invisible… Read More »

What is Dissociation? Watch this quick video on Dissociation

Hey Guys This is a brief video on what dissociation entails. Common amongst people who suffer from Post-traumatic stress disorder and other mental health disorders. Again with EMDR therapy, it can be used on people who dissociate but does depend on how long and intense someone dissociates. Please subscribe More content coming soon Find me:… Read More »

PTSD-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Hi Guys I hope you find this video helpful. It’s short and brief about PTSD. Apologies for the voice overmy dyslexia really comes through. Let me know how you find and if you would like more videos. I will be uploading more so watch this space. Find me on; Instagram @Trauma_Therapist_EMDR Twitter @MerumTherapist www.purplecloudtherapy.com Source:… Read More »

PTSD Assistance Dog

We have permission to share how this gorgeous PTSD Assistance Dog ‘alerts’ his owner when he notices her unique signs of dissociation. Helped by a specialist trainer, this incredible dog uses deep pressure techniques and eye contact to ground her, wake her at night before she panics from night terrors, find the nearest exit in… Read More »

Peer support group helps KCK firefighters manage job-related trauma

It’s a sad and possibly shocking fact, but more police officers and firefighters die from suicide than in the line of duty, according to a study by the Ruderman Family Foundation. The Kansas City, Kansas, Fire Department is doing something about it through a peer trauma support group. Source: Youtube

The Sir Bobby Charlton Centre for Support and Rehabilitation Jordan

The Sir Bobby Charlton Centre for Support and Rehabilitation opened in Amman, Jordan on 22 August 2017. It is the first of many Sir Bobby Charlton Centres planned to open around the world. The Amman centre will support the enormous numbers of refugees in Jordan from conflicts in Syria, Iraq, and even Yemen. It will… Read More »

Support for PTSD Spouses and Caregivers – The NOWe Show FT Gabrielle Swanton

Today I talk to Gabrielle Swanton about Mindset, her work with people suffering from PTSD, and her advice to their spouses and caregivers. Learn more about: *Finding a healthy balance for yourself* *Effective communication patterns* *Resources and Support* Facebook Support Group for Spouses: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2161028570652391/ www.mindshiftclinic.ca WEBSITE: https://www.ladynowe.com Instagram: @julianenowe_ Twitter: @julianenowe_ Facebook: Lady Nowe Subscribe:… Read More »

Escape the countryside | Emily Canwood

Disclaimer: I talk about my life living with chronic illness, mental health and the daily activities that I struggle to do. I take you through my day and show you the steps I have to take to enable that I do things safely and correctly to prevent injuries to myself. I talk about the symptoms… Read More »

UPDATE – Renal Cell Carcinoma – Complex PTSD

UPDATE – Renal Cell Carcinoma – Complex PTSD, sharing my thoughts and the need for help to get treatment. I’m in such need of on going help and support. I pray that you can help me in anyway possible to continue treatment. Please help me get on going treatment for Renal Cell Carcinoma 🎗GoFundMe🎗 https://www.gofundme.com/anz3t-medical-expenses… Read More »